4+ Parts That Make a Successful Business Card (and Where to Put Them)

4 parts that make a successful business card featured image

Every designer runs up against a business card at some point—whether it's for a client or for your own company. And designers who have been there, done that can tell you just how tough it is. Creating the perfect business card is a bit like trying to bathe a cat. Contact info is flying everywhere, making a mess of your drawing board, and you hit a level of…Continue Reading→

Geographic Science Information Technology: A Degree Worth Considering

geographic science it a degree worth considering

Although we predominantly cover web design and traditional technology topics on this blog, it’s a good idea to know what other careers are out there.  Geographic Science Information Technology (GIST) isn’t a career that many people have heard of, however it’s very much in demand. Those who decide to study an online GIST degree will graduate into a workforce that is calling out for them.  The jobs available…Continue Reading→

How to Turn Your Student Blog into a Career

how to turn your student blog into a career

Many students start a blog. It’s a great hobby and a fantastic way to learn new skills and meet new people. However, you might find that over the course of your studies your blog becomes more than that. It becomes something that you love. We all dream of making money doing something we enjoy and when it comes to blogging you could do just that. Here are some…Continue Reading→

How to Provide Better Digital Marketing Services

how to provide better digital marketing services

Are you giving your digital marketing clients good value for money? Unfortunately, not all online marketing companies deliver what they promise and if this is happening in your company, you need to address this situation as quickly as possible. If your clients are not getting the online results they expect, this reflects badly on you and your company. Below are some of the ways you can start providing…Continue Reading→

SEO 2017: A Beginners Guide

a beginners guide to seo 2017

A website that doesn't show up on a search engines is an unknown website. How would your customers know about website if they didn't find it in the first page of Google's search results? Then you need something to include your website there. Makes sure that when a user search for something related to your website that your website would show up in the results. How can you…Continue Reading→

Why Do So Many Journalists Miss This Important Element of a Press Release?

important element of a press release

Every business owner knows the importance of press releases, especially when making major announcements. Perhaps a new CEO has been named, or a new product line is soon to be launched. The best way to get the word out there is with a paid press release that is distributed to high ranking sites with a huge reader base within that niche. Most journalists and writers study the format…Continue Reading→

5 Good Reasons to Update Your Logo

5 good reasons to update your logo

A logo is a key part of any brand's identity, because it acts as the "face" of the brand. It gives customers their first impression of the company and helps them understand what its products and services might be like. As the company ages, it also changes—and it's always a big question as to whether the logo needs to change along with it. So I asked my friends…Continue Reading→

How to Make Your Online Review Blog Stand Apart From the Rest

how to make your online review blog stand apart from the rest

When you want to create a new website, an online review site can be a very appealing choice. There are a number of reasons why review sites can work well for their owners. Firstly, review sites are, by their very nature, something that is useful to the reader, and a blog that is inherently useful doesn't have to work as hard to win over readers as blogs that…Continue Reading→

The Best Way to Improve Foreign Language Skills on the Internet

british english teacher online

Improving Your Foreign Language Online It's not a secret that people who live in the 21st century have a wide range of opportunities for self-development and self-fulfillment. There are dozens of different ways to figure out something interesting from time to time, read news from all over the world, and get new knowledge on the Internet at any time of a day. It was impossible to imagine all…Continue Reading→

5 Reasons to Enhance Your Design Capabilities with Some Coding Skills

reasons to enhance your design capabilities with some coding skills

Working in digital design can be a really interesting and rewarding career, and can allow you to express your creativity while also helping your clients meet their objectives through your design work. Whether you are a web designer, logo designer, or a designer of other things like packaging and marketing materials (or all of the above), it can be a good idea to develop your digital skills beyond…Continue Reading→

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