Best Ways to Keep Your Staff Motivated | Online Collaboration

best ways to keep your staff motivated

Best Ways to Keep Your Staff Motivated In a highly competitive business environment, in a world full of distraction and with the ever-present promise of better things, it can be a real uphill struggle for any business owner to keep their staff motivated. Yet the value of a motivated workforce is undeniable. In order to thrive, businesses need to reduce staff turnover and instead engender loyalty, trust and…Continue Reading→

The Top Four Online Marketing Trends for 2017

four online marketing trends for 2017

Four Online Marketing Trends for 2017 The online marketing game is an impetuous force that evolves and adapts as quickly as fast as new technologies hit that market. With stagnancy as its greatest nemesis, online marketing tactics are pushed forward as they attempt to compete for exposure in our blinky-dink world. If you want to have a competitive digital marketing strategy you’re going to need to seriously consider…Continue Reading→

The New Google Smaller, Faster App Updates: Understanding File-By-File Patching

the new google smaller faster app updates understanding file by file patching

Google is constantly improving its Android OS. Every year, numerous features are released that make it faster, more powerful, and more convenient. The latest new feature is file-by-file patching. So what is this, and how will it help Android users? Updating Apps Becomes Easier Google announced the change to how it updates apps in its blog. It is a completely new system that Google claims will reduce the…Continue Reading→

Comprehensive Benefits of Using a Magento Community E-Commerce Site

In business, the line between moral and immoral is pretty thin; most people are more concerned about making profits and not their morality. Any idea that offers you the most returns in terms of profits is the one that wins the day. To ensure that your business is not left behind, you need to make use of any resources at your disposal. As a business owner, its best…Continue Reading→

How to Best Design a Well-Organized Blog

Blogs take a lot of organization, from planning the launch to writing content and setting up widgets. There’s a lot that you can learn along the way, but the earlier you know how to organize your blog life, the better. Once you have your domain name and WordPress hosting plan purchased, it’s time to make the most out of your blog. Store Your Login Information There are a…Continue Reading→

4 Design Tips for New Bloggers

One statement many will see a lot on the Internet is that, "Content is King." This is because writing quality material will vastly improve success. However, content isn't the only aspect of a blog that will play a role in building a popular site. Overall design will also be important. The appearance of a website is one of the things that people will remember after their first visit.…Continue Reading→

Top 4 Best Scripts for Your Dating App

What are the best scripts for creating a dating app? Here are the top 4 to choose from this coming year. When most of us think of dating apps, we think of the best ways to customize our profiles and how to best phrase our reach-out messages; but for the people behind the creation of these top apps, it gets a lot more complicated. The foundation of those…Continue Reading→

4 Killer Content Marketing Tips You Need to Know

Let’s face it. If you own a blog, content marketing is an absolute must-include as a part of your overall marketing strategy. For some, it’s the only strategy. This isn’t a bad thing. Content marketing can yield massive results for basically free (if you don’t count time spent on it). The even better news is that content marketing can be fairly easy. Below are 4 killer content marketing…Continue Reading→

4 Must Follow Tips for Starting Your Own Web Design Service

These days there are a bunch of web sites that make it super easy for anybody, even the most novice of web designers to create a website for themselves or for their business. However, not everybody has time to deal with that kind of thing, and even though they do make it easy there is still stuff that the newbies need help figuring out. That means that there…Continue Reading→

Learn from Ashlynn Avenue: 7 E-Commerce Design Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Business

With the frenzy of social media going on, e-commerce sites are the new trend of doing business. You want your customers to like your products and buy them in bulk, don’t you? For this, one needs to understand the customer behavior patterns and the little details which matter. Ashlynn Avenue, which is an online e-commerce store, has seen tremendous growth in sales after bringing some changes to their…Continue Reading→

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