How Not to Create Viral Content for Your Business

viral content mistakes business

Going viral is every business marketers dream. The sheer volume of eyes on a viral piece can solidify a business’ brand better than many other methods. But how do you create a viral marketing piece? Following the advice of major voices in viral marketing, there seems to be perfunctory methodology for going viral, most of which involves hiring an influencer. Influencers can be individuals, brands, and businesses. Really,…Continue Reading→

5 Mistakes to Avoid Before Launching Your First App

5 mistakes to avoid before launching your first app

Competing with millions of apps is no easy task, and it can often be even harder when you make many blunders along the way. Read the five mistakes to avoid before launching your first app to improve your chance of success. 1. An Expensive App Development Many businesses make the big mistake of paying for an expensive app development. However, developing an app doesn’t have to cost you…Continue Reading→

How to Protect Your Tech on the Go

how to protect your tech on the go

If you’re like me, then you’re always on the go. I often find myself in airport waiting bays, train stations, and gearing up the car for a long haul. I don’t travel with tons of tech, but I typically bring along my laptop, smartphone, Canon camera, and the accessories that come along with them. As someone who works for an iPhone repair shop in Toronto I started wondering…Continue Reading→

Top Three Best VPN 2017

top three best vpn 2017

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an Internet technology used to secure connection between two devices connected to the internet. VPN helps in securing internet communication. How to choose best VPN There are many demands in VPN services in the market today. Many companies have decided to exploit this chance. Institution and individuals are capitalizing on securing their privacy from cyber-attack and malicious programs. Since there is a high…Continue Reading→

How Hackers Intercept Your Data and Emails

how hackers intercept your data and emails

Your email isn’t secure: you’ve heard it before and you’re definitely going to hear it again, not just because it’s true, but because so much of our lives are now wound up with our emails and online activities. As more and more of our banking, shopping, and life is online, our inboxes become home to receipts, new passwords, bills, banking information, and plenty of information that you would…Continue Reading→

Beginners Guide: VPS Hosting

beginners guide vps hosting

With more and more companies optimising their online presence, you can’t afford to be left behind. Your web hosting plan provides the basis for your site’s success, though with multiple options available it can be difficult to know which option best suits your needs. VPS hosting is a powerful and scalable option which allows you to customise resources according to the changing demands of your website. A suitable…Continue Reading→

Website Development Tips for Online Business

website development tips for online business

If you have been thinking that designing a website is a child’s play and requires least specifications, you are perhaps harboring an erroneous concept about the entire subject. Experts are of the opinion as far as website development is concerned; there are few essential aspects that have to be taken into account. These include the following: Practicality or functionality By this, it means how helpful is your website?…Continue Reading→

5 Ways to Enhance Your Website

5 ways to enhance your website

A stunning website is easily one of the most effective ways to improve your conversion rates, especially if marketed successfully. However, a poor design will only result in lost customers and an unflattering reputation. Here are five ways you can enhance your website. 1. A Responsive Web Design Did you know that more than 50% of web searches are made on a mobile device? Unfortunately, you could be…Continue Reading→

11 Technologies Transforming the Gaming Experience

11 technologies transforming the gaming experience

Modern technology has undoubtedly transformed the gaming experience. Reality and the virtual gaming experience seem to go almost hand-in-hand, thanks to exceptional computer graphics and innovative products. For this reason, we are looking at the 11 technologies transforming the gaming experience. 1. Virtual Reality Virtual reality allows a gamer to step inside a game to become the player. No longer are they restricted by controllers, but they can…Continue Reading→

History of Web Development Essay

history of web development essay

The general masses realized the importance of the Internet only when it was made accessible through a graphic interface. It was the introduction of the web browser that led to the widespread popularity of the World Wide Web in the early 1990s. The web may have come into existence years ago; it didn't make it to mainstream before this time. The Internet and the web have changed the…Continue Reading→

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