How to Bypass the Throttling Of Netflix by Using A VPN


In the recent wake of time, consumers in USA and Europe are reporting about how their ISPs are abusing their market share to interfere and throttle with the performance of Netflix for end consumers. Even major service providers like Verizon, AT&T and Comcast are being thrown into the names of ISPs who are seriously causing trouble to their end users who are shelling out hefty amounts for. Continue Reading→

Top 10 Considerations for Choosing a Website Host


For the first time entrepreneurs and established businesses alike, the internet has opened infinite opportunities to get their names, products and services literally ‘out to the world’. Starting a website is now quick and easy and end users need only point and click to personalize their site to their exact specifications. But how does anyone choose a website host? There are dozens of options, each offering dozens. Continue Reading→

How to Create a Successful Email Marketing Campaign


Email marketing is one of the oldest online marketing methods that have been utilized by business firms. It has always been considered to be a cost-effective way of promoting your service to the global audience. If you are associated with the marketing department of a business firm that wants to utilize the methodology of email marketing then read on. Here is a detailed guide on how to. Continue Reading→

Download Massive Playlists with 4K Video Downloader


Playlists are an amazing way to group all relevant content together for easier access to anyone wanting access to them. Be it about programming tutorials, Movie Original soundtracks or Music videos, YouTube users have managed to chalk out thousands and millions of YouTube playlists that make discovery of media content even worthwhile. Placing all the good stuff at one place, YouTube playlists have gathered thousands of views. Continue Reading→

When Design Become Obsolete, Flat or Realism?


If you’re involved in design industry, you’ll know that most modern web design today are following the trend of flat design methodology. You would expected that your’s years of Photoshop training will be very useful when come in web or graphic design. However in reality, you will received a feedback from clients like, “remove the extra color and effect from the design, i just need something simple. Continue Reading→

How to get Cheap Tablet and Mobile Deals Online


Everyone nowadays own a smartphone or a tablet. These smart devices help us a lot in doing many of our day to day tasks. Simple tasks like ordering something from an online retailer, keeping track of our appointments, watching and listening to multimedia content and even playing games. These slim and small devices are able to do so much. Every day we see a new device that. Continue Reading→

5 Ways to Improve Your Business With a Cloud Phone System


Businesses are adopting cloud hosted PBX solutions as a new way to handle their telecommunications needs. Here are 5 ways businesses can use a modern cloud system to make their company business. 1. You won’t lose business continuity if something goes wrong Unlike landline options, having a cloud phone system means you can basically use it anytime and anywhere. If there’s a natural or man-made disaster and you have. Continue Reading→

Things You Can Do With The iPhone Home Screen


So you just bought your first iPhone. Congratulations! You have just acquired a device known for its trail blazing attributes over the years. Even recent devices always use the iPhone as a yardstick so you are definitely in good hands. Did you buy a network-locked device? The first thing you should do is to head over to and use their iPhone unlocking service to remove the. Continue Reading→

Top 3 Tools to Convert PDF to Word

pdf-to-word-converter-toolsThe Portable Document File, referred to as the PDF and Microsoft’s Word are the two most commonly used formats for digital files worldwide. The PDF file format has been developed to preserve the file formatting in the way it was made to be by the creator. Editing of such files is near to impossible given the highly structured formatting in PDF files. While PDF files are hard to edit, yet retain the file format’s integrity even while accessing it on different devices, Microsoft Word documents are entirely different from PDF files. The Word documents are hard to retain file formatting when accessed on different devices, yet these files are easy to edit. Continue Reading→

Finding a Progressive Path in Mobile Web Design and Development


Technology is changing at a breakneck speed, especially in the fields of mobile phone development. As a designer, this opens up massive opportunities for you to create content and applications that make use of these advancements, as long as you stay current. This can be a daunting task, but by keeping your creative priorities focused, there is no time like now to find the progressive path to. Continue Reading→