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Best in Web Design for May 2013

Starting May, i will round up findings of awesome and worth reading in web design each month. We will cover article and any findings related to website design for beginner and professional. We're hoping this will bring some exposure to the web designers that we will list here every month. Website Designs had been underrated since the design trend 'keep…

30 Best Example of Creative and Beautiful Flat Design for Mobile Apps

[sc:chitika300 class='adsleft']Last week, i've written an article about FLAT Trend in Website Designs, Icon Designs and UI Designs. Today i am going to showcase 30 Creative and Beautiful Flat UI Designs in Mobile. Recently with many redesigns and new websites employing a flat design scheme, the trend is appearing almost everywhere, both on websites and in mobile app design. Its…

FLAT Trend in Website Designs, Icon Designs and UI Designs

Design trend is not something new for designers. From time to time, we will see a certain designing trend that increasingly adapt by designers. There's the previous design trend like web 2.0, grunge and the 'keep it simple stupid' design methodology. Today i am going to show you a new design trend - 'flat'. I will cover why 'flat' designs…

50 Years of Color Revolution from Fashion to Design and Branding

Since the beginning of time, color had been playing major part on how we see or define things. For example, if an apple without color, will we know its an apple? Our brain usually define an object based on the item color. Well enough on the scientific facts, today i will be taking a time backward for 50 years and…

Website Designs Revolution of Today Most Visited and Popular Sites

If you're an 70-80's born chums like me then you'll remember what the internet look like back in the old arcade days. Its mostly bunch of static stats and 8-bit pixel graphic. I still remember my first computer IBM or game console like NES and ATARI which i used to play games like tennis for two, space war, space invader…
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