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What do You Think About Firefox Logo Redesign?

Logos Design
Popular web browser Firefox has redesigned its logo for the web world of 2013. The new logo was created by a team led by Firefox designer Sean Martell, who explained that they were aiming to address usage concerns such as SVG compatibility and colour consistency. in this article, we will go behind the scene of the redesign process and thoughts.…

40+ Fresh and Rare Typeface Fonts for Professional Designers

Fonts Design
Fonts or typeface is one of the most essential material in designers line of work. Picking out the best choice of fonts for your designs or branding projects can be time consuming and furthermore research on typeface styles, kerning and emboss are very important for a branding process. With over millions of fonts available to use, either free or paid…

Take a Look at Google ‘FLAT’ Designs Principles Revolution

Over the years, google had made some designs impact on web community. They started their UI Design concept with 'glossy' and 'fun' and 'detail-ish' interface designs. When apple redesigned their site with a more 'minimal' and 'less detail-ish' concept, the Google design team started to bringing in some new idea on how their global 'UI Interface' should look like in…
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