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New and Creative Website Designs from Designer Around the World

Web Design
Let us take a break from Flat Website Designs concept. Ever since Microsoft and Google first started the flat design frenzy, more and more designers are currently adapting or rather follow the hot trend in web and graphic designs. To the extend of everything flat is consider a better and modern approach in any designs including website, graphic and user…

20+ Free Monochrome Color Icon Set

Icons Design
Monochrome or single color icon set are very useful resources for web designers. When designing a website, web designer often wanted to place a mini and simple icon beside a text to indicate what the text represent. Not only that monochrome icons work best on any background colors, they are also easy to edits and no hard and complicated details…

30+ Best Examples of Modern Flat Icon Set

Icons Design
Continue with the obsession over Flat Designs Trend, I've been looking around the web for a collection of Flat icon set and Flat icon designs that can inspire me for my next project. When looking around the web, I've also read article on "Flat" design subject. There's a lot of debate regarding this trend, some are positive and some are…

30+ Example of Perfect Great Details iOS Icons Design

Icons Design
iOS or previously known as iPhone OS is a mobile operating system developed and distributed by Apple Inc. If you familiar with iOS then you would know that in the beginning of iOS development, there are couple of icons that are common to iphone users. But over the years, designers had been more than creative on designing a better and…

Best in Web Design for June 2013

Web Design
In the month of June 2013, I've seen a lot of website adapting Flat Website Design Concept. With the recent Firefox and iOS7 redesign, it is proven that Flat designs are here to stay. However there are some negative opinion about overuse of Flat design from Designer Community Board. Is this just a phase in Design Trend? well you'll need…
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