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Powerful Analytical Reporting: A Must-Have Tool For Growing You Retail Business

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To drown in the flood of data or to use it for good? The option #2 seems much more favorable! Today there is plenty of data available to business owners, which helps them to make successful strategic decisions: from web-analytics and customer details to different sales information. However, there is a huge gap between having this data and implementing it…

Here’s What People Don’t Tell You About Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is not something that is easy to understand. Many think that it is not at all difficult to run a successful campaign, start working and then end up not achieving success. You want to be patient and you will want to learn all that you can about social media marketing. This is far more important than you…

12 Ways to Get Up Close and Personal with Business Tweeting

Twitter is emerging as a powerful force for businesses to develop a more personal relationship with their employees, customers, and the firms with whom they do business. No longer is it just a means for finding out what folks had for breakfast, or for celebrities to tweet about their love lives. Benefits of Twitter for businesses There are many ways…

5 Tips for Optimizing Web Design For Search Traffic

It may seem like there are too many aspects of website design to keep track of just in terms of design and coding already, and you really don't want to think about search traffic during the skeleton process. But the fact is, you have to start thinking about it sometime, so why not make it easy on yourself a start…
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