why-posters-are-here-to-stay-in-a-digital-worldWith all the emphasis on online marketing, it would seem like hard-copy printing would be a thing of the past. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality there will always be a place for printing, posters in particular, and if you aren’t clear why, here are a few good reasons.

Unbelievable – Not Everyone Is Online!

Believe it or not, there is still a segment of the population that doesn’t get online at all or at least with any regularity. Mostly these are seniors, but in fact, there are younger people who still don’t have computers or mobile devices. Finances may be an issue or it simply could be that they don’t enjoy technology! In cases like this, advertising via posters displayed at key locations can be a great means of advertising a local business. As of the latest UK government statistics, there is an amazing 21% of the population who do not utilize the internet.

Repetitive Visual Reminders

Another way in which printed posters can enhance advertising is in the fact that they are a visual reminder of something that consumer may have seen online. Posted at entryways to shops and on local bulletin boards, posters can keep advertising fresh in a viewer’s mind. Sometimes a banner ad pops up at the top of a screen you happen to be viewing and many times your conscious mind never realized it was seeing an advert.

It doesn’t mean you didn’t ‘get it’ somewhere on a subconscious level, but a poster can serve to bring that information to the top, to your conscious state. Repetitive visual reminders such as high quality posters from OvernightPrints can help to make an impact simply because you will be seeing it again and again.

Doubling up on Local Advertising

As well as being a visual reminder, posters can add depth to local advertising by promoting products or services with a larger than life type of image. On screen, most images are small in comparison to what can be printed on high gloss paper. Posters can be printed on matte, but generally the shine of a high gloss paper helps to call attention to it.

Many have ‘tear-aways’ at the bottom that can be used as coupons in local stores which enables consumers to take advantage of those special sales even when they don’t have a printer (for online coupons and vouchers) or the shop doesn’t yet have digital scanning for mobile device coupons at POS.

It is also important to remember that posters are one of the main ways in which missing or lost people need to be shown. Missing children posters are one of the most successful ways in which to get those faces out to the general public. Again, not everyone has online access and not everyone views the adverts that pop up on their screens. When it is all about life and safety, hardcopy posters are often best suited for use in a local area. More and more people are using digital media but there will always be a need for hard copy so it is safe to say that posters are here to stay.

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