Starting May, i will round up findings of awesome and worth reading in web design each month. We will cover article and any findings related to website design for beginner and professional. We’re hoping this will bring some exposure to the web designers that we will list here every month.

Website Designs had been underrated since the design trend ‘keep it simple stupid’ emerge. Many people tend to use a more simple approach. A ‘web design’ method of ‘css design’. What’s a ‘css design’ you might wonder? Well simply put its a web design that use less graphical element and use mostly css style only for the concept of ‘minimalistic’ design. Its nothing wrong with this, its just that less and less you would see a website that have beautiful customize web graphics and illustrator art that make them stand out and unique.

Why do you care? the client wanted a fast loading site? that means simple design and less graphic. ok, it a fair argument. Even though web design can be simple and plain but it doesn’t had to be boring. Take example of Flat UI in web design trend which are attractive yet simple enough. Check out this month most inspiring and best in web design.

Flickr re-design

Flickr one of the best online photo sharing community recently redesign their website.

33 Creative Web Designs

Boostinspiration recent article on 33 creative website designs.

Flat UI designs in Pinterest

Showcase of some of the best examples of Flat Design for Mobile Apps and Web Design.

Edublogs for students and teachers

Great web design for edublogs and use of handwritten font. Bring a unique vibe to how education feels like in web design.

Text Over Images in Web Design

Gisele Muller from webdesignledger on text over images in web design with showcase of 19 example website.

Web Design Tools and Resources

Want to ‘upgrade’ your design skills? fear not, here’s a list of web design resources by creativebeacon.

10 Free Web Design Books

10 free web design books to download by creativebloq.

Google I/O, Architecture, Web Design

Take a deep look into Google I/O, Architecture, Web Design and see what’s going on under Google secret lab.

3D Perception in Web Design

A collection of web designs that use 3 Dimensional Perception illustration or photos manipulation.

40 Example of Flat in Web Design

A Great collection of 40 example Flat designs in web design.

Showcase of Turquoise in Web Design

Checkout showcase of Turquoise color in web design.

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