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Tips to Use Excel For Analysis of Social Media Activities

Over the years, as marketing has developed into a more digital platform and computing systems such as Microsoft Excel have replaced calculators and pen-paper records, social media has also garnered importance due to its wide range of users and ease of access. All this change is huge to process, and that’s why anyone into digital marketing these days must be…

Four Ways to Keep Your Information Safe

Identity theft is a huge problem. A whopping $16 billion was stolen from U.S. consumers in 2016. All that money was stolen, and more and more green is being stolen each year, because tech devices, systems, and programs are not protected adequately from hackers. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to protect yourself. Here are four ways to…

Top 5 Design Mockups Vine Bottles with Vine Glass

Graphic Design
Time is money, and we think it doesn’t worth your time reinventing the wheel when you can find a sample to use in your design experiment to cut down on time and achieve your goal. Therefore, we present the following wine mockups to bring your wine bottle design project to speed. Why should you waste your precious time designing from…

How Newsletters Can Play a Role in Your Business

Newsletters are publications which are produced on a regular or semi-regular basis and distributed through a business to its subscribers. Before a business can produce, or at least distribute a newsletter, it needs somewhere to go and someone to go to. There are a number of different ways that businesses can acquire the contact details for subscribers, but the most…

The 4 Biggest Benefits of Keeping Your Marketing Metrics Under the Microscope

Modern marketers are encouraged to track metrics at every turn and have no shortage of tools to make it happen. However, a key question remains: why are we so focused on metrics, anyhow? At what point are we just wasting time sifting through numbers? Fair question. After all, businesses can in fact find themselves drowning in numbers without taking action…

All That You Need to Know About the Science of Computer Graphic System

Computer graphics, right now, is the most important part of computer science. We deal with pictures, images, charts, moving objects, etc. Allow the user to know that how the pictures are stored, how they are presented and, in the end, how they appear on the screen of a computer. Interactive Tools for Computer Graphic System Communication Computer graphics is a…

The Digital Digest – How Businesses Are Improving Their Online Presence In 2018

In these times of increased awareness of customer experience (CX) and user experience (UX) it’s no longer acceptable for a business to ignore its online footprint. Whether you’re a business which sells food, or a business which distributes consumables, the first touchpoint for many customers will be via an online channel. Creating a meaningful and satisfying journey online for any…

Is It Time to Hire Someone to Run Your SEO Efforts?

If you’re the owner and operator of a small business, you likely understand how crucial it is for your business to have established itself in the online sphere. Maybe it’s possible in this day and age to somehow build a profitable enterprise without an online presence of note, but it’s much easier to make that happen if you have someone…

Make a Great Landing: 3 Reasons You Might Want to Change Page-Building Software

Web Development
If your WordPress landing page is not getting the attention that you think your business deserves, then you may want to take your landing page building software to another level. Here are three reasons to look into changing your online building tools. A Lack of Late Model Options for Your Web Design One of the most important aspects of your…
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