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Things to Know About Opencart Templates

Web Development
In finding for the right template for a blog or site, it is important to consider a lot of things by merely looking at their purpose. If you have a blog, whether it is a personal blog of used for marketing purposes, you have to know very well the reason why this blog exists in the first place. This will…

The Best Web Hosting with SSL Certificates

When it comes to hosting your website, it is important to choose a reliable hosting service that comes with a multitude of extras. While many may initially judge a hosting service on how many domains are allowed to be on the plan, the amount of disk space the account can take up, and the bandwidth allotted. Unfortunately what many beginning…

Why Use Niche WordPress Theme For Your Business Blog

People are blogging about anythings and everywhere right now. It used to be people just blogging about their personal life, interesting places they visited, foods they ate, etc. Now, businesses have also harnessed the power of blogging for their own benefits such as posting company news and updates, corporate activities and events, product reviews and many more. (more…)

Draw Attention To Your Business Website Using Stock Photos

Business website owners are trying hard to give the ultimate first impression to their website visitors. The chances are they will turn into sales conversion or return to make a purchase in the future when visitors like what they’re seeing on the website. A catchy headline might makes them wonder or curious about the product or service you’re selling, a…

3 Important Elements in Creating an Awesome Infographic

Graphic Design
"A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS" Infographics have becoming a popular marketing tool over the past few years. It is now one of the quickest way of online promotion virally. Most people can learn faster and remember better visually. So when we put the information in a graphic or images, it is easier to capture their attention and in…

5 Unique Design WordPress Themes That Stand out Among Others

Web Design
WordPress is one of the most used content management system. The revolution of its theme design had been growing and more variety of layout and functional already been introduce by designers and developers. When WordPress still in early development stage, Kubrick is one of the most used theme but nowadays you'll see more and more modern layout and design such…

Best Collection of PSD Mockups for Designers

Graphic Design
If you're a seasonal designer (doesn't mean you're old), then finding a suitable graphic or PSD Mockups sometime hard to come by. Most of them usually a Premium Paid version, i personally don't mind chipping a few there and there to purchase a Premium graphic resources such as flyer, DVD Cover Template PSD, icons or PSD Mockups. But if its…

Tech Giant Apple is now The World Top Brand

The tech giant Apple has ousted Coca-Cola to become the world’s number one brand. According to Interbrand, Apple’s brand value is worth US$98.3 billion, with Google coming in second with a value of US$93.3 billion—Coca-Cola is now third with US$79.2 billion. Interbrand evaluates brands on three criterion, using the company’s influence in consumer choices, its financial performance, as well as…

Fresh Colours Palette for Modern Designers

Graphic Design
As we're living in constant growing world, technology and culture are becoming a big part in our every day life. The revolutionize of colours also become more and more persistent. I for one read an article about no more 'black' in colours. *no pun intended, what i really meant was no more #000 in design colours. (more…)
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