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What to Look for When Hiring Freelance Writers for Your Business

Hiring people to write for you is a delicate balance between finding a wordsmith and finding a business-oriented professional. Excellent prose is great, but if a person can’t be trusted to deliver work with all your requirements, then they aren’t the right writer for the job. There are several things to consider beyond writing ability -- like personality, knowledge, and…

How to Get Paid on Time

Late payments can create real chaos in your accounting, especially if you’re managing multiple aspects of your business and counting on the payment to keep the lights on. Most clients want to pay you on time – but it’s possible for a payment to fall between the cracks and suddenly you’re facing cashflow problems. Knowing how to get paid on…

9 Essential WordPress Plugins for Your Blog

Web Tools
WordPress plugins are a great way to add extra utility and content to your WordPress site or blog. There are hundreds that can do everything from managing content to sprucing up your sidebar. Choosing the right plugins can make running your site easier or help you retain visitors by making the site more interesting and engaging. Plugins can also help…
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