advantages of remote workingIf you think that working from home is just a treat for your employees and that they will hardly get any work done, you’re mistaken. The reality is, allowing remote and mobile work for your employees could have some major advantages for your business. In this article, we’re going to look at some of them.

1. Reduces Overhead

Keeping staff in the office costs money, it’s as simple as that. One of the benefits of allowing more of your employees to work from home more often is that it frees up resources and most of all, frees up your money.

While space in your office costs money, so does electricity, computers, security, heating and other things your staff all consume daily. If you let your employees work from home, you can save money and maybe even move to a hot-desk situation in a smaller office. Not only that, you can reduce overheads on things like electricity, water and other costs that add to the upkeep of a busy office.

2. Reduces Commuting Time

If all someone has to do is get out of bed and start working, they can obviously start working much earlier than they could if they had to sit on a bus for an hour. This means you can allow staff to have more leisure time, or that they can start working a little bit earlier and still have more time off. All of this improves productivity once more.

One way to really improve productivity (even when staff do have to commute to work), is with a high quality travel laptop that’s affordable enough to distribute to an entire staff.

3. Improves Morale

When your employees know that they’re valued, and are given the responsibility to work from home, they’ll appreciate it. Being allowed to work from home could improve productivity, as more of your employees appreciate the freedom and relaxing possibilities that working from home can bring. They might repay you by working even harder.

4. Creates Space

Aside from saving money on office overheads, it also saves space. As we’ve already looked at, that means you could downsize your office. You could also use the space for more important tasks or remodel your office so that it works better for what you need it for.

5. Allows for a More Relaxed Working Environment

Again, this one ties in with improving morale. When employees know that they’re valued in the workplace, their productivity can improve. That means more of your employees can start working harder because they’re working in a relaxed environment that trusts them to be their own boss.

If you’re not sure working from home is right for your employees, try it. You don’t have to give them the whole week. Try a few days at a time and evaluate results. If they start working harder, you know you can continue with it. If things go wrong, you’ll know that you need to put a stop to it. Some staff work well when given the responsibility to work from home, while others need constant supervision. It’s good to work out which of your employees it works best with before you move forward with the idea.

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