bekey suggestions on building software development company
You should take into account a couple of things if you decide to build your software development company. For some parts, we are going to use Bekey as an example. Also, here you can find suggested according to their groups.

Audience and Related issues

  1. Know your focus group. The key point here is that if you know your target, you will know their needs and act accordingly.
  2. Be aware of legal requirements as well as the risks. Every business has its risks. Know your risks accordingly. Those risks may depend on your location, your financial status, or even laws regarding your business in your country. Hiring a lawyer for legal issues is the best advice here. The lawyer can obtain the necessary permits or licenses faster than others. This way you will save time. Don’t forget that lost time is lost money.
  3. Last but not least: have an appealing name for your company.

Price Offerings

  1. Be aware of the prices. The more competitive the prices, the more clients will come to you.
  2. Offer different packages. Different clients have different needs. If you offer them alluring packages, there is a high chance that the clients will specifically choose your company.

Business Insight

business insight

  1. Build a strong profile. Whenever clients research about you, the first thing they do is seek your portfolio. On BeKey’s website, you can see the projects they have worked on previously. Professional developers of Bekey can proudly say that the quality of their past projects guarantees the quality of the prospective projects.
  2. Assemble a team from the developers that have a robust background. Your team is your value, your front end developer and back end developer should be able to cooperate in all instances. Professional developers in Bekey value their work and not only that. You may say that their motto is “Customer is the benefactor.”
  3. Challenging part: deciding on whether or not to have a partner. If you have enough capital you may decide to work alone and get all the profit. You may not have enough capital and decide to have a partner. Or, you may have the capital and decide to have a partner. In all these scenarios, it would be better if you know the advantages and disadvantages. Different factors may influence your decision. The challenging part is these all different scenarios work for different people and there is no universal choice available.


programming new technology

  1. Keep track of the new technologies. Different technologies are being developed continuously. For instance, Bekey decided to use the Flutter platform as it is cross-platform technology. Or, most companies may decide to run their business on blockchain technologies. Bekey can offer you blockchain technology, provided that you are interested in this.
  2. Propose different expertise areas. This point may seem similar to the 3rd one. However, this one has a different purpose. Some areas are in demand nowadays, like digital healthcare or IoT. Bekey stands out here as well. It offers services related to Digital Healthcare, Advertising & Marketing, Blockchain & Smart Contracts, Business Process Automation, Internet Of Things (IoT) and Hospitality & Tourism.

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