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Building A Social Media Marketing Strategy

building-a-social-media-marketing-strategyA decade ago, most digital marketers wouldn’t give social media the time of day; in fact, many companies actively discouraged the use of social media for work purposes, and believed it was a waste of time. These days? Entire careers can be built off of quality social media acumen, and the social media marketing industry has grown into its own, and is responsible for allowing brands to reach more potential customers than ever. Targeted and clever social media management can have a significant impact on the bottom line, and the potential gain from social media use has made it the cornerstone of many marketing department strategies.

But for companies and brands which haven’t yet developed a strong social media strategy, it can feel overwhelming at first. Where do you start? What do you do? How should you target? So we’ve gathered some of the best advice on social media marketing campaigns in one comprehensive article about how to build a campaign from the ground up, and how to make sure that all elements of your campaign are actually contributing to business goals and objectives.

Set Your Social Media Goals

As with any business or marketing project, you should start with clarifying your goals and objectives. And often the easiest way to set good goals is to identify specific challenges or problems which you would like to address. For example, do you need more traffic heading to your business website? Do few customers make second or third purchases? Is your brand’s reputation low? Are too few people even aware of your product? Once you’ve identified a problem which can be corrected with social media, state that goal… and give it a measurable objective. For example, this could be ‘get 400 clicks to the website’ or ‘make sure 1,000 new individuals see our product’. If it’s not a measurable goal, it’s not worthwhile, because you’ll never know when you reach it.

Incorporating Analytics To Measure Progress

Before you even begin any campaign, you need to ensure that you have the tools and methods in place to track your progress while meeting your goals. While most social media channels will provide at least a few analytics, don’t count on them being all you need to get the most information from your campaign. Great analytics software for social media campaigns can also help you meet your objectives by identifying key influencers or suggesting target markets and posting times.

Focus On Specific Networks

Whatever industry you’re in, you probably know that most of your ideal clients focus their activity on one social media network. Focusing on just the networks which can have the highest value… rather than on all of them… can ensure that you’re only spending effort where you’ll get a return. A good example of this is that most B2B companies might benefit most by using LinkedIn, a professional social media network. Companies focusing on the younger crowd might lean towards Instagram. Companies focusing on women or home goods might lean towards Pinterest.

Create Engaging Content With Value

That’s right, you need to create content. This is usually in the form of articles or videos which are both relevant to your business… and relevant to consumers. But the focus here should be on relevant to consumers, either identifying and offering solutions to problems they have or having a certain entertainment, cost, or educational value. Offering steep sales or discounts is a great way to gain a lot of awareness fast, and studying what makes content shareable while making content can help you increase your social media influence faster.

The Takeaway Points

If you haven’t started a social media campaign yet, it’s well past time that you start! And though getting started with social media marketing can feel intimidating at first, if you build it like any other project – piece by piece – it should feel less so. Set measurable goals which impact the bottom line, and make sure to track your progress with analytics.

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A decade ago, most digital marketers wouldn't give social media the time of day; in fact, many companies actively discouraged the use of social media for work purposes, and believed it was a waste of time. These days? Entire careers can be built off of quality social media acumen,...
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