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ExpoMarketing is a private Event Services Company specializing in booth, creative agency and marketing. Its headquarters are based in Tustin, California. Founded in 1991, the company provides quality and unmatched categories of trade show booths accompanied by flexible displays, which guarantee clients business growth over time. ExpoMarketing comprises of a creative staff that offer in-house services and deliver exceptional format graphics as well as business models. Besides, ExpoMarketing is an award-winning company resulting from its design, fabrication and the capability to work with all business sizes ranging from startups to a large organization.

Categories of Booths Offered

The company offers multiple booths which include inline, island, double deck, and both 10X10 and 10X20 trade show displays. Inline booths may seem dull and unappealing, but with Expomarketing, even a ten-inch space provides an exciting and engaging display developed by an experienced team. The company may give portable displays or customized to a more desirable experience that would match perfectly with your floor, furniture and wall designs. On the other hand, Island exhibits have an unlimited custom design which will put your business to another level. Island booths are constructed from a virtual selection of materials and structures according to your space, brand and budget.

Another ExpoMarketing booth specialty is the double deck which maximizes exhibition and suitable for conference rooms and lounges. Double deck booths prevent the need for acquiring extra spaces and used for up to 20X20 store size. 10X10 areas may seem inadequate to apply booths but with Expomarketing, the operation is possible, and the company can provide quality services which will stand out. The booth increases visibility ranging from 3D logos to fabric displays giving your business a customized look and a new feeling to your clients.

ExpoMarketing Customized Displays

1. Rental Displays

Rental displays entail acquiring booths at a small fee to boost your business at a specified period while fully equipped with creativity and well customized. At Expomarketing, renting booths are flexible and dependable as you can customize them as you want without limits. Rental booths are excellent for startup businesses enhancing your marketing as well as spearheading your growth quickly. Additionally, the displays are designed similar to purchased exhibitions, and most of them are available on the company website.

2. Purchased Displays

Purchasing display booths are essential for businesses which exhibit many shows as well as companies with multiple customizable features. Purchasing a booth is, therefore, crucial as it is affordable and prevents additional costs of renting a similar booth numerous times. ExpoMarketing provision of purchased booths accompanies repairs and upgrades if needed and the sizes range from 10X10 to 50X50 displays.

3. Shipping Container Displays

ExpoMarketing offers a unique display design through shipping container solutions suitable for event areas, emerging businesses and trade show spaces. The company designs either a portion or the entire container fully customized for both indoor and outdoor utilization. Customized container trade show displays consist of a flatbed for ease in transportation, suitable for all weather conditions, secure and environmentally friendly.

ExpoMarketing offers multiple custom trade show displays other than designing and developing marketing booths for businesses. It provides rental, purchase and container exhibits suitable for all business sizes and brands. The company ensures the products offered are of excellent standards with their 35,000 square foot inventory warehouse fully equipped with all necessities. ExpoMarketing is the perfect choice for businesses as it is located at close proximity to Anaheim, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Diego.

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