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Every business owner knows the importance of press releases, especially when making major announcements. Perhaps a new CEO has been named, or a new product line is soon to be launched. The best way to get the word out there is with a paid press release that is distributed to high ranking sites with a huge reader base within that niche. Most journalists and writers study the format and elements of a traditional press release but times have changed. The press release has evolved into a form that is most easily distributed in digital format, which means there is a new element that many writers miss. Can you guess what that is?

A Look at the Traditional Elements of a Press Release

traditional press releaseWhile some people follow the traditional 8-point PR, others find there to be 10 or even 12 elements. Even so, in any of the above cases, the one thing those teachers and writers often miss is SEO. It is important to remember that your readership will be largely an online audience, so you will need to focus on getting them to find your press release. How do you do that? That’s right, Search Engine Optimized (SEO) content. Yes, you know you need:

  • A catchy (engaging) title
  • An introduction
  • Name and address of the organization or person
  • Concise and interesting information on the purpose of the press release

And other key elements that explain a bit of background in an acceptable format. However, as mentioned, if you are distributing your PR online, people need to find you. Therefore, the most important element of a press release is SEO content.

Finding the Best Writers for the Job

best writer professionalMost often, you can forget traditional journalists and those who studied technical writing dating back a decade or more. Digital press releases have largely overtaken those in print media. Therefore, it’s a totally new ballgame. Look for content writers who have expertise in both SEO content as well as in the basic outline of a press release. All those elements mentioned above, and a few more, do need to be present, but you also need to know that it takes special skills to get anyone to find your post.

Requirements of SEO for Press Releases

seo elementIt is also important to understand that there is a well-rounded skill set necessary for getting SEO content to work within your digital release. This is why so many businesses contract SEO specialist teams that do everything from gathering and assessing the value of keywords to finding the sites most pertinent to publication. Press release SEO is so much more than choosing the right competitive keywords, and that’s why a team should have analysts and writers onboard working together.

Why do so many journalists miss this important element, SEO, in today’s press release? The best answer would be that universities and schools are still teaching the basic outline and format that has become accepted over the past century. It’s time to move forward to the digital era, so whatever you do, always employ an SEO specialist team when it comes time to make that important announcement. You reap the benefits of what you sow.

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