important-online-reputation-management-tacticsIt is impossible to keep up with the speed at which the internet is growing. Information is flowing in all directions and it is largely unregulated. There are many examples in which individuals or companies received negative attention that they didn’t deserve, and that this totally destroyed their reputation. People like this will then have to turn to reputation management experts in order to mitigate the damage. In fact, their line of work is becoming increasingly important and common.

About Reputations

Everybody knows that having a positive reputation is important and that a bad reputation could mean losing everything. If a business’ reputation is damaged, it is possible that they will quickly see themselves go out of business. This is true from a business perspective, a political perspective and a social perspective. Unfortunately, recovering from a negative reputation is very difficult. Once upon a time, it would be possible to simply move to a different area and start afresh, perhaps with a name change. Today, however, the internet has made even this impossible. Luckily, experts have a number of tricks under their belt to improve the situation.

Online Reputation Management Tactics

A number of tools are commonly used. These include:

  • Social media. These platforms can be used to create positive brand images through reviews and general customer interaction.
  • RSS feeds. While this is becoming less common, it is a way of improving overall reputation. By having regular newsworthy items fed into someone’s inbox through RSS, it is possible to slowly start to rebuild a damaged reputation. Alternatively, blogging is an excellent platform to improve reputations as well. With both, however, a lot of hard work is involved,
  • Linking business profiles. By connecting with other high quality websites that already have a positive reputation, a business can improve their own credibility as well. It is a type of quid pro quo situation, because they are also helping the business that is linking to them by sending more traffic their way.
  • Wiki pages are incredibly popular and very easy to find on Google. Creating a Wiki page for a business, therefore, is very important in terms of improving their reputation. At the same time, it is vital that business owners stay on top of the information that is placed on there. Wiki information is open source, which means people can come in and make changes. If the negative reputation of a business is caused by malicious people, it would be very easy for them to get into Wiki and damage them even further.

Online reputation management is a job in itself and it is a highly complex one at that. This is why it is so important to enlist the services of experts, because it literally is a full time job. Most businesses will probably be more concerned with the actual business processes of their company, which means they simply do not have the time to handle their reputation management as well. It is also very important that all businesses make sure that their customer service department and their reputation management consultant work very closely together, as they are completely related. Reputation management is not about stopping negative reviews from happening. In fact, that is the job of a customer service department. What consultants in reputation management do have to do, however, is make sure that positive reviews and feedback rank higher on the Google search results. They must also make sure that any negative comments are properly addressed.

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