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What do Workers Pay Attention to When Choosing a Job?

Whether you are a fresh graduate looking for an entry-level job or a veteran employee switching to another workplace, sometimes making the right decision comes with big challenges. Come to think about it. You have been without a job for a couple of months and hoping that somehow, a good offer will come along. Suppose it happens, how then do…

The Benefits and Challenges of Behaviour Change Campaigns

Behavioural change campaigns are the timely messages that continue to inspire generations, and start conversations around sensitive societal frameworks. If you can’t quite place what they are, they feature through a mix of media and are typically commissioned by government bodies who are trying to promote behavioural change. Behaviour change campaigns are effectively achieved when it is a shared initiative…

11 Excellent Ways to Promote Your Online Portfolio

Website promotion is far from easy, especially when it comes to portfolio website promotion when it’s not often filled with written content, but only pictures. However, portfolio promotion is key if you are to land new/bigger clients in the future. If you have an existing portfolio website already online but you’re looking for ways to propel it to new heights…

Content Is King: 5 Article Writing Secrets That Will Explode Your Traffic like Never Before

It is not sufficient to simply write content to generate traffic. What kind of content are you writing? Ask yourself that question and you may realize that pushing out a huge quantity of content is useless unless it can explode your traffic. The simple answer could be that you are only producing fluff content and nothing of quality. That can…

The Best Office Layout to Inspire Productivity

The layout and design of an office can greatly impact how your employees work. A small, cluttered space can lead to stress, depression and a lack of productivity. Instead, you should have big, airy spaces, natural light and an organized system that’ll stop rubbish from piling up. Your surroundings and environment affect your mental and physical wellbeing. To keep your…

Top Tips for Aspiring Travel Influencers

These days, making a living online is possible for many people. It’s all about being entrepreneurial and creative, and planning your new business and online presence so that you get noticed. Whether you’re drop shipping with companies like Amazon, teaching English online, or working as a freelance web designer, you can find success. And if you’re looking to become a…

How to Find the Best Antivirus Software if You’re a Graphic Designer

Everyone needs good antivirus software, but most of us probably don't fully understand why. In fact, viruses aren't even the main thing good antivirus software protects us from anymore. Malware, spyware, and adware are all focused on making money these days, so the things you're most likely to get hit with are ransomware or data-stealing Trojans. For graphic designers who…
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