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Best Logo Design Services in Las Vegas

Logos Design
A logo is a crucial aspect of any successful business. Your business has a distinct identity which is represented through your logo. In a nutshell, your logo speaks on your behalf. This makes it indispensable for businesses to create and maintain a good logo, because it works as a reflection of your professionalism and quality standards as a company. There…

It’s Official – Google Goes Flat on Logo and Simplify User Interface

Graphic Design
When Ars Technica reported that they found new Google logo hiding within the Chrome Beta for Android browser last month, we all expected the changes that under going within Google Design Team. Today the Google launch its first official re-invent logo and its showing in their public official domain - (more…)

What do You Think About Firefox Logo Redesign?

Logos Design
Popular web browser Firefox has redesigned its logo for the web world of 2013. The new logo was created by a team led by Firefox designer Sean Martell, who explained that they were aiming to address usage concerns such as SVG compatibility and colour consistency. in this article, we will go behind the scene of the redesign process and thoughts.…
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