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Mayday! Get Ready for the GDPR

This may be the first you’ve heard of it, but the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation is coming and the deadline is May 2018. Brexit or not, businesses and organisations have to abide by the rules or face fines – being unaware of the new regulations is no defence, so it’s a good idea to get cracking on your…

The Net Neutrality Debate

The ongoing dispute over the future of cyberspace has engaged everyone from celebrities to entrepreneurs to the President of the United States. The stakes are high; the Internet has completely changed the way people live their lives, impacting the way you shop, make dinner reservations, and pay bills. It has spawned entire industries, including social media, IT services, and the…

Keko Theme Updated, GPL and Mobile Friendly

Nothing better than seeing your old car got pimp with new wheels. haha!! that's right folks, our most downloaded theme 'Keko' now updated to compatible with latest WordPress 3.5.1. I also decided to change the license from Common Creative Share-a-like to General Public License (GPL). The Keko Theme also had major changes/updated on templating, they are more simple and organize…
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