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7 Commandments of Ecommerce Typography

Web Design
Typography has a place in eCommerce. This artful take in font style, size, colors, and whatnot, serves not only the eyes of the customers, but also affect how they perceive the brand itself. Typography also ensure legibility and readability, a factor that should be considered by a business whose existence is primarily confined to a virtual store, its eCommerce site,…

Forget Flat! Here’s some superb 3D website design inspirations

Web Design
While the design community keep boasting about 'how great flat design is', i tend not to over follow the flat design trend. Flat style design was first introduce with Microsoft's Zune collection. The design of the Zune was clean and simple, with a focus on large lowercase typography, silhouette-style logos, and monochromatic font colors. Overtime it is practice by web…

Website Design Principles For eCommerce Sites

Web Design
An eCommerce site is different than others because of the fact that the most important thing at the end of the day is to increase the possibility of making sales. Web designers have to consider so many selling principles and this is so much more complicated than with other website types. The site basically needs to be really attractive, properly…

10 Creative Website with Parallax Scrolling

Building a website is getting easier nowadays with easy website builder such as wix or squarespace. However with these hassle free website builder, creativity had it limitation. You cannot build a website with more custom effect or components because they already had their present design style and options to choose from. One of the perk would be not having Parallax…

The Rising Trend of Transparent Ghost Buttons

Web Design
Without any doubt, call to action button is an essential part of web element if you're running a business or commerce model website. In previous years, call to action button always categorize as must need STAND OUT than other web element to attract the viewers's click action. So they usually are in red, green or yellow with bright in nature.…

How to tell the different between Professional and Amateur Web Design

Web Design
Web design industry nowadays are not as lucrative as it used to be. With the emerge of crowd-sourcing design company such as 99designs, many potential clients prefer look for a wider selection and within budget range for their next projects. Instead of hiring a professional web design company which might cost them thousands, they sought out to crowd sourcing design…

5 Unique Design WordPress Themes That Stand out Among Others

Web Design
WordPress is one of the most used content management system. The revolution of its theme design had been growing and more variety of layout and functional already been introduce by designers and developers. When WordPress still in early development stage, Kubrick is one of the most used theme but nowadays you'll see more and more modern layout and design such…

10+ Creative and Minimal Flat Website Design

Web Design
You just can't get enough of Flat Website Design. During the weekend, i was browsing the internet for some graphic resources and visited many website along the way. I have this habit of bookmarking a website that are minimal, easy in the eye and have 'flat' taste in it. If you still do not know or understand about Flat in…

Best in Web Design for August 2013

Web Design
Its been a slow run in August, I've seen many Designer Web Blogger writing post about website design styles such as landscape as large background image, brown web design coloured and more niche related website design. There's also couple of article where designers discussed about the good and bad of responsive design and how to optimize a website for responsive…

30+ Example of Website Design for Education and Learning

Web Design
When people talk about education website design site, they would simply think it must be boring and out dated web design styles. However that's not entirely true, with the growth in web technology and website design evolution from Web 2.0 era, the education website design style also evolve with more colourful and more user interface or UI wise layout. (more…)
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