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Make a Great Landing: 3 Reasons You Might Want to Change Page-Building Software

Web Development
If your WordPress landing page is not getting the attention that you think your business deserves, then you may want to take your landing page building software to another level. Here are three reasons to look into changing your online building tools. A Lack of Late Model Options for Your Web Design One of the most important aspects of your…

How To Create Great Content For Your Website

Web Development
Writing great content is a choice that every business owner or blogger has. They can either choose to put in the time and effort required to come up with original content that might help build a prosperous brand, or choose to take the short and convenient path by writing poor quality content. Those who wish to create good quality content…

3 Pointers for People Trying to Develop an Online Audience

Web Development
No matter how good your website is, it will not be successful if people do not know it is there. No one will click on it to view and it will not move up the rankings unless you have some way of letting people know about it. If you have a poor website to begin with, you’re going to struggle…

3 Ways to Improve the SEO of Your Website

Web Development
Expensive pay-per-click campaigns that sometimes produce uneven results are simply not an option for many small and medium-sized businesses, so website Search Engine Optimization is critical. Unless your website is “above the fold” on the Search Engine Results Page (i.e. customers don’t have to scroll down to find your listing), they will most likely go elsewhere. SEO is a little…

Tips for Boosting Your Content Marketing from Good to Great

Web Development
You know content marketing is essential in today’s world, and you may already have a good strategy going. To stay on top of your competitors, it’s time to turn good into great. Here are some tips to improve your content marketing strategy: Be Intentional When Crafting Blog Articles Publishing as many blog posts as possible isn’t a guaranteed ticket to…

10 Blogs for Design Inspiration

Web Development
Just like writers get writer's block, it's completely normal for designers to get designer's block. This can be all the more frustrating if you're a beginner or a novice designer. If you've fired up your WordPress hosting but can't figure out where to start, here are some blogs you should check out for inspiration. 1. High On Design While this blog…

Building a Website Can Be Addictive – Here’s How to I Got Hooked!

Web Development
Web design has no prospects of becoming outdated or obsolete anytime in the near future, and in fact, there is probably more attention focused on it than ever before right now. It’s easy to see why, too – there are multiple opportunities to utilize your skills as a web designer if you’re good at it, and if you combine them…

The Best Ways to Get High Quality Content

Web Development
Content drives so much of what we do online. The Internet is the easiest way to find information, so it makes sense that people will gravitate to the most relevant pieces of content they can find. Not all content is well-written, well-researched, or thought provoking and readers will seek out and follow higher quality articles and blog posts over sub-par…

Boost Your Website Traffic and Conversion with a High Quality Design That Makes Customers Want to Stick Around

Web Development
Every website owner wants at least two things: more people coming to their site, more people staying longer on their site, and more people buying, downloading, or signing up for whatever that site has to offer. When trying to determine the best ways to bring about these results, most website owners immediately turn to search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising.…
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