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What Converting Websites Do Differently

Web Development
Are you seeing your month-over-month traffic grow, but your on-site engagement metrics are still lacking? Countering the popular saying; it’s not them—it’s more likely to be you. The longer this problem goes unresolved the more you risk losing visitors. Plus, these issues send a message to Google that you’re not delivering value. Over time, this will hurt your organic rankings.…

Security Tips: Beware of Internet Felon – The SEO Scammer!

Web Development
Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important tools that any business needs to use. Like every other tool ever made, SEO can be used to help the population — which includes everyone who has ever used the internet to search for information — or it can also be used maliciously in an attempt to selfishly improve a website’s…

Montreal SEO Agency: Tips on SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Web Development
SEO can be quite a challenging subject matter to anyone outside the profession who deal with it on a daily basis. And even they need to constantly polish their skills in order to stay relevant, since this seems to be one of the most rapidly changing fields in the digital world. In view of the fact that in order to…

Web Design Checklist: What You Need to Build an Effective Website

Web Development
With some 97 percent of consumers now turning to the internet to search for local businesses in their area, an online presence is vital if you want to succeed, no matter what field your business operates in. However, it's not enough to simply have a presence. A poorly designed or difficult-to-use site can deter rather than attract new customers. Understanding…

Incorporating Your Branding into Your Website

Web Development
When building a website it is easy to purely focus on the functionality you require. Building a website without a designer involved is a little like building a house without using an architect. Of course, your web developer will likely be familiar with delivering a good overall layout design and your new site will display perfectly on all given devices,…

5 Reasons Why Quality Web Hosting Is Essential for SEO

Web Development
When it comes to ensuring your clients’ sites are being found organically online, great key word placement is just half of the battle. Yes, there’s something else which could be contributing to your customers’ digital presence – and it’s the quality of their web host. There’s absolutely no denying that improving your clients’ hosting provider will ultimately improve conversions. So,…

Design a Better Business Website with These Tips & Tricks

Web Development
Designing your business website is only the first step to really getting your feet wet in the digital world. Anyone can build a website in roughly an hour’s time, but an effective business website takes a little extra effort. If you are not clear on what separates the successful endeavor and the “nice try,” then you have stumbled upon a…

How to Optimise Your Car Dealer Website

Web Development
Your website is essentially your digital dealership and just like your physical dealership, it needs be tidy, efficient and show your company in a positive light, otherwise consumers will simply leave. There are a number of things that you can do to optimise your website for both customers and search engines to maximise conversion. Reduce Page Load Speed Nowadays, we…

Make a Great Landing: 3 Reasons You Might Want to Change Page-Building Software

Web Development
If your WordPress landing page is not getting the attention that you think your business deserves, then you may want to take your landing page building software to another level. Here are three reasons to look into changing your online building tools. A Lack of Late Model Options for Your Web Design One of the most important aspects of your…
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