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How Hackers Intercept Your Data and Emails

Web Development
Your email isn’t secure: you’ve heard it before and you’re definitely going to hear it again, not just because it’s true, but because so much of our lives are now wound up with our emails and online activities. As more and more of our banking, shopping, and life is online, our inboxes become home to receipts, new passwords, bills, banking…

5 Ways to Enhance Your Website

Web Development
A stunning website is easily one of the most effective ways to improve your conversion rates, especially if marketed successfully. However, a poor design will only result in lost customers and an unflattering reputation. Here are five ways you can enhance your website. 1. A Responsive Web Design Did you know that more than 50% of web searches are made…

History of Web Development Essay

Web Development
The general masses realized the importance of the Internet only when it was made accessible through a graphic interface. It was the introduction of the web browser that led to the widespread popularity of the World Wide Web in the early 1990s. The web may have come into existence years ago; it didn't make it to mainstream before this time.…

Drupal vs WordPress: Pros and Cons

Web Development
The internet has changed a lot since CMS (content management system) titans Drupal and WordPress arrived on the scene roughly around 2001. Developed initially as a tool for bloggers to display their posts online, both systems have evolved into full service solutions for just about any kind of website you would want to build. So which is better? That’s a…

SEO 2017: A Beginners Guide

Web Development
A website that doesn't show up on a search engines is an unknown website. How would your customers know about website if they didn't find it in the first page of Google's search results? Then you need something to include your website there. Makes sure that when a user search for something related to your website that your website would…

How to Make Your Online Review Blog Stand Apart From the Rest

Web Development
When you want to create a new website, an online review site can be a very appealing choice. There are a number of reasons why review sites can work well for their owners. Firstly, review sites are, by their very nature, something that is useful to the reader, and a blog that is inherently useful doesn't have to work as…

5 Excellent WordPress Development Tips to Help You Build Better Themes

Web Development
The WordPress themes industry is very competitive whether that’s for premium or free themes. If you are a theme developer and you’re wondering why your themes aren’t getting purchased or downloaded frequently, it’s probably because they aren’t good enough in terms of development. Building a theme takes a lot of hard graft and sometimes it’s easy to forget about certain…

4 SEO Tips for Webmasters Using WordPress

Web Development
WordPress is one of the most popular and convenient content management systems out there. Since WordPress has been around for a while, and is somewhat viewed favourably by Google and various other search engines, it still remains a big hit with website owners. However, it is still not perfect, especially when it comes to SEO, and you have to follow…

5 Ways You Can Test a WordPress Theme to Make Sure It’s Secure

Web Development
The thousands of free WordPress themes on the market means that web developers and business owners around the world have a chance of getting a site online quickly and with little to no costs needed. That’s all great but, unfortunately, some of the WordPress themes that can be downloaded for free pose plenty of security risks to your website, so…
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