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Your 7-Step Guide to Building an SEO-Optimised Website from Scratch

Web Development
Launching a brand new website is no small task. Forget the promotions we all see about how you can build an effective, optimised website in less than an hour with this platform or that. No reputable website design agency would ever make a promise like that. It just doesn't work that way. The market is way too competitive. To succeed…

Social Media Video Tips You Should Know

Web Development
There is no way to deny the fact that you should use social media in order to reach people these days. We are talking about billions of people that use social networks every single day. Due to this, countless businesses use social media in order to engage in conversations with current and potential customers. The competition is huge in every…

5 Ways to Turn Abandoned Carts Into Sales

Web Development
There is nothing more frustrating than checking the number of visits to your website and noticing that potential customers have items in their cart which they have left abandoned. There are a number of reasons that customers do this, they might be merely pricing items up or maybe having a bit of play but sometimes it can be down to…

Let’s Have a Look at Five Significant Plugins for Healthcare Websites

Web Development
Today is the modern era. Social media and website development have gained so many heights, that now we cannot expect life without it. When talking about Internet searches and web development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for better ranking of the website. There are some smartphone users out there doing searches daily, and these searches can be of health…

What to Know About Your Blog’s Spam Comments & How to Handle Them

Web Development
TechCrunch (a technology and startup news website hosted on WordPress) once announced that it received, on average, 15,000 spam comments every single day. Because spam is so commonplace, you’ve likely already encountered some spam on your website—especially if you’ve amassed a readership. Now that your blog is growing, it’s time to start thinking about the cause of spam and how…

Everyone Loves It: 5 Reasons That WordPress Has Become so Popular for Website Design

Web Development
Why is WordPress so popular? Approximately 16 million websites online today rely on the platform for their pages, making it one of the strongest contenders for those looking to start a site of their own. In fact, it has many current website owners wondering if they should make the switch. Is it worth it? Here are five reasons people love…

How Will Be the Newsletter Look in 2019?

Web Development
Nowadays, it’s incredibly easy to send a newsletter thanks to modern mailing apps and email marketing softwares; they manage our contact lists, automize our sendings and offer us different extensions, such as Google Analytics, so we can track our success, WordPress, so we can import our content, PrestaShop, very useful if we own an online store… However, one of their…
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