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Reasons Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac is Better than VMware Fusion 8.5

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The rate at which the world is making progress is impressive. Many pioneers have come and gone attaining unparalleled achievements. The masterminds have served the world in a manner out of the ordinary. The reason behind our lives being so convenient is their extra-ordinary effort and skill. One of the companies that have clearly changed the landscape of the tech…

Wrike – A Central Project Management Software for Coordinating Work

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Wrike is a privately owned company that makes a project management and collaboration tool and has headquarters in California, USA. Wrike was founded in 2006 by CEO Andrew Filev. The first full, professional version of the software was released in 2007. Wrike was originally bootstrapped by Filev before investors’ funding came into play several years later. Wrike began as a…

5 Ways to Use Social Media for Your Business

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It’s about time that everyone realizes that social media is here to stay. Although the top dogs of social will vary based on age group and demographics, you can always count on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to reign among the top. What people need to also realize is that social media is not just for your personal use—it’s also a…

How to Optimize and Improve Videos for Online Use with Movavi Video Converter

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Nowadays videos are widely used online, with actual video content provided on blogs and websites, as well as used to market products or services via various video sharing platforms and social networks. It is safe to say that at some point or other you’re going to want to upload videos online too – and when you do so you should…

7 Plugins to Speed up Your Google Analytics Game

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No one can argue with the fact that keeping track of your metrics is essential. Small and medium-sized businesses frequently use Google Analytics, and for good reason. The marketing insight it provides on traffic sources, or how successful a business is in converting traffic into sales is pretty amazing. Also, it helps you find out what your audience wants to…

Powerful Analytical Reporting: A Must-Have Tool For Growing You Retail Business

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To drown in the flood of data or to use it for good? The option #2 seems much more favorable! Today there is plenty of data available to business owners, which helps them to make successful strategic decisions: from web-analytics and customer details to different sales information. However, there is a huge gap between having this data and implementing it…
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