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Web Design Tips for Designer


Looking into Web Design Trends in 2013

Looking back over the years, web design trends had been influenced many designers around the world. I still remember back in 2008 when all the designers were buzzing about the effect of WEB 2.0 in modern website designs and logo designs. Although even i must admit that WEB 2.0 did…Continue Reading→
Fonts Design

Top 10 Free Fonts for Logo and Web Designers

Although web designers and logo designers are often given lots of flexibility by their clients, they still have to abide by some basic rules. They are free to be as creative as they’d like, as long as they don’t violate…
Web Development

10 New Open Source Plugins for Well Designed Websites

Plugins can add new features and improve existing functionality on any website. They are usually simple to install, and they save web developers the time and effort of writing new code. The most widely known content management system (CMS) to…
Web Development

Choosing the Right Website Design for Your Business Type

Designing the perfect website for your business is never the easiest task to accomplish. There are many important factors to take into consideration, and choosing the best website design for your particular type of business is one of the main…

How an Attractive Website Design Can Boost the Sale Price of Your Online Business

Buying and selling websites is a lot like real estate. Maybe you don’t have to worry about being in a good neighborhood to maximize your return, but even that could be seen as having a good URL attached to the…
Web Development

Custom Business Website Design Features: When Off-the-shelf Templates Simply Won’t Do!

Setting up a business website is easy to do these days. With free templates and cheap hosting, you can a get your website set up in hours. But the best businesses do not settle for something as basic as this.…
Web Design

Forget Flat! Here’s some superb 3D website design inspirations

While the design community keep boasting about 'how great flat design is', i tend not to over follow the flat design trend. Flat style design was first introduce with Microsoft's Zune collection. The design of the Zune was clean and…
Web Development

Website Design and Hosting: All-In-One Solutions for Small Business

You have decided to open a virtual store on your own website, but the idea of writing codes and finding a host have so far stalled your plans. You have visions of a showroom, a shopping cart and a space…
Web Design

Website Design Principles For eCommerce Sites

An eCommerce site is different than others because of the fact that the most important thing at the end of the day is to increase the possibility of making sales. Web designers have to consider so many selling principles and…
Web Development

Incorporating SEO into Your Website’s Design

Search engine optimization (SEO) measures how visible your site is through search engines. If your site does not rank on the first page of a Google keyword search, you are going to miss out on a great deal of business.…
Web Design

10+ Creative and Minimal Flat Website Design

You just can't get enough of Flat Website Design. During the weekend, i was browsing the internet for some graphic resources and visited many website along the way. I have this habit of bookmarking a website that are minimal, easy…
Web Design

30+ Example of Website Design for Education and Learning

When people talk about education website design site, they would simply think it must be boring and out dated web design styles. However that's not entirely true, with the growth in web technology and website design evolution from Web 2.0…
Graphic Design

60+ Free PSD Designs for Website Select Box and Dropdown

When you are working on a website design mockup, you often found yourself tired or not interested in designing a simple select box or dropdown box for the website design. It may seem simple but designing a select box or…
Web Design

New and Creative Website Designs from Designer Around the World

Let us take a break from Flat Website Designs concept. Ever since Microsoft and Google first started the flat design frenzy, more and more designers are currently adapting or rather follow the hot trend in web and graphic designs. To…

FLAT Trend in Website Designs, Icon Designs and UI Designs

Design trend is not something new for designers. From time to time, we will see a certain designing trend that increasingly adapt by designers. There's the previous design trend like web 2.0, grunge and the 'keep it simple stupid' design…

Website Designs Revolution of Today Most Visited and Popular Sites

If you're an 70-80's born chums like me then you'll remember what the internet look like back in the old arcade days. Its mostly bunch of static stats and 8-bit pixel graphic. I still remember my first computer IBM or…

“Redesign The Web” Poster Design Contest

Smashing Magazine recently lauch a “Redesign The Web” Poster Design Contest and got lots of talented designer and creative joined in, here are some of the creative catch my eye. all images/screenshot credit to smashing magazine more details and contest…
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