Typography or fonts not only for communication purpose, it also convey how we look toward the message that the font type represent. Since the beginning of time, typography had been playing a significant role in our society. Each type of font can help identify a certain brand’s sole identity. There are tons of unique modern fonts by font designers around the world, choosing one out of millions of these modern fonts is a hard task to do.

In this article, i will present you 11 new and modern sans serif fonts that are great for website title headline and branding for designers to use in their next web design projects.

1. Infinity

infinity sans serif fonts
Infinity was created by Bangkok-based graphic designer Tarin Yuangtrakul. Inspired by number 8 and infinity symbol.

2. Bigmouth

bigmouth sans serif fonts
Bigmouth is a free modern font offered by Twelve Twenty, the creative home of designers Timo Kuilder, Jankees Van Woezik and Eric-Paul Lecluse.

3. Fairview

fairview sans serif fonts
Fairview is a condensed modern sans serif font, with small cap alternates, inspired by the industrial lettering of the 20th century.

4. Dense Regular

Dense is a versatile, elegant, geometric and compact modern sans-serif font typeface designed by Charles Dound. Three weights have been created thus far: thin, regular and bold.

5. Phantom

Phantom is an free uppercase display typefamily with 9 free weights designed by Frank Hemmenkam whom love to see that people appreciate his last project: Baron font and gives him the motivation to create more new modern fonts like this!

6. Look Up

Look Up Free Font’s playful type with a home-made feel designed by filiz sahin. It has little arrows at the edge of each letter. It’s easily accessible through the keyboard’s upper and lower cases. It was inspired by little arrows on websites. Look up these modern fonts allows you to create a lot of great things such as posters, magazines, printings, t-shirts etc.

7. Kelson Sans

Kelson Sans is hybrid modern font, a remake of the original Kelson type family – designed by Bruno Mello from São Paulo, Brazil.

8. Sahara

Sahara font designed and created by Pedro Lobo whom recently graduated as Graphic/web designer. In the last Years he started drawing Typography and simply fell in love with it.

9. Nexa Light and Bold

Nexa font created by fontfabric and release with free and ‘paid’ full version

10. RBNo2

RBNo2 is a new gothic sans serif font designed by Rene Bieder for Fontfabric. It is inspired by late 19th century industrial fonts with german roots regarding straightness and geometry. Combined with other sans serifs, slab serifs and serif fonts it catches the eye.

11. Prime

Prime is a simple typeface with a techy feel and a strict, geometric origin. I wanted to create something that offers great readability in various sizes yet still offers enough subtle differences to stand out.

Final Conclusion

The advantage of modern fonts is they look contemporary, clean and suitable for any medium such as logo branding, company business stationary, poster, advertising element and many other graphic design element.

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