[sc:chitika300 class=’adsright’]Mobile Phone probably one of your most touched item daily. We used mobile phone (also known as a cellular phone, cell phone and a hand phone) for communication, text messaging, MMS, internet access, emails, online games, watch videos, listen to music and sometime used for the alarms. The multipurpose of mobile phone made it a must have for daily usage in today society. At least 60% of the people you met will have more than one mobile phone in their possession.

With the rapid growth in technology, mobile phone not only revolutionize in size but it also had more creative way in designing the mobile phone body and cover. Today i am going to showcase some of the best and creative mobile phone designs.

The mobile phone designs are concept based only and not available in the actual phone market

Maple Phone

A wooden maple style mobile phone designed by Hyun Jin Yoon & Eun Hak Lee

NamFleG Phone

Gold highlights and the slight curve of the back mobile phone designed by Marat Kudryavtsev

Flutter Phone

An LG design the future mobile phone competition’s designs

Google Phone

a Google Phone concept by Chinese Designer Dogor

Alienware Phone

A futuristic mobile phone design that might interest hardcore gamers and tech geek in the future

Weather Phone

A weather detect mobile phone design concept by Seughhan Song

Flexible Phone

A smartphone using OLED Flexible panel by Samsung

Star Trek Phone

A star trek future mobile phone designed by heikki juvonen

Scope Sliding Phone

A scope sliding drawer like mobile phone design.

Nagisa Phone

truly wonderful and slimmest mobile phone designed by Mac Funamizu

Future Mobile Phone Design Road trip

I think the mobile phone design concept are great but is it possible to introduce these in future? I think yes, like most people i do believe in making ideas into reality so just sure hope we can see one of the mobile phone concept above on the market pretty soon.

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