4-online-web-courses-to-help-with-career-choicesMost career choices, and specifically ones that deal with website design, can benefit from having additional knowledge about other careers, or even subsets of web development itself. And, because so much knowledge is available through online resources, the knowledge you gain begins to form an opportunistic loop of sorts.

Four categories in particular that can help your career choices in the web design field include online courses in web development, anything in the medical field, programming languages, and courses in cyber security. Additionally, if you choose those career paths after you’ve gained some knowledge, you can choose either fork professionally, but still have training in the other half.

1. Web Development

Web design and web development are similar but not entirely the same. Design often deals more with graphical elements, where development can often be more structured toward the code, or progressive ideas within the web infrastructure itself. That said, taking online courses in web development will help you become a better designer in the process, because much of the information can be used in both sets of studies. Additionally, many of the courses you can find at the basic levels are totally free as well, and are usually self-paced, so everyone wins in those instances.

2. The Medical Field

Every hospital or medical facility has a website these days. With that in mind, whether you want to take a course to become a medical assistant, or take a course for web design specifically catered toward the medical field, the information is literally the same. Having the knowledge and language of both industries is a requirement in order to develop sites for either, which is interesting as you consider how the fields have very little theoretical intersection in terms of individual engagement.

3. Programming Languages

Though there’s a lot of object-oriented programming going around, especially among newer web designers and developers, there’s still a lot to be said about learning how to program, and there are hundreds of online courses in programming to help you reach that end. Because it’s such a specific mindset, you’ll find that your eventual success will be entirely based on the desire you have, matched with how quickly you set up your materials in order to learn them.

4. Security Courses

Cyber security is a huge field these days, and whether you’re specifically trying to be a web developer, or you simply want to know how to increase the security at the business you’re working at, having a knowledge of network infrastructure and hacking techniques is absolutely invaluable. In fact, even with a small amount of this knowledge, you’ll greatly reduce chances of the most common hacks like phishing for data or passwords to get into main system logs.

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