When you look at web designs nowaday, many design layout are either use a magazine grid based design or box horizontal and vertical grid based design. Using grid based design can help improved content display if you want to show 10-20 posts in single page alone. With the new infinite scroll js introduced back in 2011, you can even display all your posts in single page without visitors navigate to other page hence will increase your bounce rate when visitors stay longer in your site.

Perfect example of infinite scroll website are the up and coming photo pinned sharing site, pinterest and social media tech network, mashable and recent Yahoo redesigned also adapted the infinite method.

Here are a list of example sites using infinite scroll

A site where users can share and pin photo or images they found around the web, designers can share creative works like web designs, logo designs, illustration and many more.
A well known large search directory network that also had services like emails, finance, movies, travel and many more…
A Korean K-POP Entertainment Portal that bring you the latest news and happening in K-POP industry including music, videos, rumors and many more…
reform-n-revolution-siteReform and Revolution
A site where creative designer can upload and share their work with everyone. You can also check out some of the rare collection of designs from far away part of the world.
Showcase gallery of excellent css designs. as the matter of fact, you can find more infinate scroll example site there, browse around, something might suprise you!
365awesomedesigners-site365 Awesome Designers
A Collection of 365 Creative designers from around the world. Ranging from website designs, logo designs, illustrator, mascot character designs, poster designs and many more…
An online portfolio for designers. You can create a free portfolio in behance for free. You can also share you works and collect reviews and opinions from fellow designers.

The Negative Impact on using infinite scroll

Not all website have positive effect on using infinite scroll. Recent Etsy Alpha Development had a big negative effect on their Etsy A/B Testing. A major decreased of favorite click from Etsy users which may or may not effect the through out sales on the sellers items. This is much concern to a large commerce and community site such as Etsy.

Final Conclusion

There you go, a couple of example infinite scroll website you’ll enjoy. This is only a small collection of site. With the recent design trend in using infinite scroll method, many more website are trying to adapt this method, although there’s always a pro and cons which you can certainly found somewhere along the way.

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