You’ve probably had this dilemma too. Is it a reasonable expense to hire a professional mover when moving to a new house? Can you do the mover’s job by yourself?

There are a lot of reasons why you should hire or not hire a mover on the Internet. But most of those reasons are based on the financial part of this issue only. Most people advise avoiding a moving company in order to save a lot of money. But is it actually true? Does moving by yourself save your budget from unexpected expenses. Let’s find out. But firstly read about orange county movers to get to know what is a typical moving company a little bit more.

hiring mover or moving yourself

What Is Cheaper: Hiring a Mover or Moving by Yourself

Let’s imagine a situation when you’re a moving pro who knows every pitfall of a relocation process. You clearly understand the difference between moving a piano and a sofa, a refrigerator and a TV, etc. You can accurately calculate the number of people you need to unload and load all your stuff. We’ve described only the smallest part of the work, which professional movers do on a daily basis. If you know how to do it too, you can start moving by yourself right away.

But let’s look on the other side of the problem. Do you really know how to move a piano or a pool table correctly? Let’s find out what does it take to relocate these two things you might have at home too.

Do You Really Need a Piano Mover?

Here are the basics of moving any musical instrument you have at home, especially a piano.

  • First things first. You need a grand board, upright dollies, and a couple of strong hands.
  • You also need a truck with a ramp.
  • If you have ever had any kind of back problems, forget about moving a piano. It is an extraordinarily heavy instrument.
  • Be ready if you do something about these in a wrong way, your piano can crash. And it will probably cost you much more than hiring a mover.

Moving a Pool Table

Let’s look at one more heavy piece of furniture you have at home – a pool table. It is not actually a piece of furniture, but it is definitely an extremely heavy item.

moving pool table

  • Moving a pool table is very similar to moving a piano. You need a couple of strong hands as well (approximately 2-3 people).
  • You can’t move a pool table just as it is. You need to dismantle it. Never do it by yourself if you’re not sure how it should be done correctly.
  • Then, you need to pack every piece separately and load in a truck. That’s all.

So, it is only up to you whether to hire a mover or not. Just make sure that moving by yourself won’t be a problem for your budget in the end.

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