top marketing tips for an independent digital music artistSince there is lots of music out there from other digital music artists, getting your own brand and music to stand out can seem like a major challenge.

If digital music is the career that you would like to pursue for yourself, you need to realize that the actual process of creating your digital music and learning the ropes from existing presets such as those from Cymatics is only one step towards making a living with your music.

The other step you need to take is you need to sell your music, and that only comes through effectively marketing yourself.

Here are the top five marketing tips for an independent digital music artist:

Upload Your Music To YouTube

One of the best technological tools you have for marketing your music today is YouTube. In fact, YouTube is the avenue through which many independent music artists have established themselves as big names.

The best benefit of uploading your music and albums to YouTube is that it’s incredibly accessible for anyone to find, and it also makes it incredibly easy to share with others because all you need to do is send the link.

Become Social

Much of your networking will be done online, but more of it should be done in-person. Are there any digital music groups in your city? If so, you need to go to them in person and introduce yourself to people in the industry there. You will always make a far bigger impression on someone in person than over e-mail or the phone.

Overall, in-person networking is the single best marketing tip there is.

Network Online

You will also need to network online as well. Find digital music blogs and shoot them an e-mail asking if you could write a guest post or if they would share your music (having your own website or blog would also be key here).

You can also find relevant music groups on social media websites such as Facebook or LinkedIn, which provides you with another excellent opportunity for making new connections in the industry.

Create Album Art

Your album cover art will actually have a much bigger effect on your marketing than you may realize. You want your album art to stand out as much as it can, and to that end, it needs to accurately portray what your music is like.

Your album art is what everybody will see before they begin listening to your music, whether it be on YouTube, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, or wherever. Your album art is your first chance to hint that your music truly is amazing and compel somebody to begin listening to it. In short, the quality of your album art will have a direct effect on your sales.

Start Marketing Yourself Today

If you haven’t yet started marketing your digital music and yourself yet, start right away. Form a brand and being applying the strategies that we have just covered.

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