We all fuzz when Microsoft announced their logo re-design a while back. With Google transcending their UI Design from a detail-ish to a more Flat Design approach, the design community been buzzing about this design trend. Now, do not want to lose to their competitors, Yahoo! decided to launch a 30 days logo re-design campaign.

Don’t expect too much of a radical change though. According to Yahoo Marketing Team, the new logo will keep the same purple colour and, of course, the trademark Yahoo exclamation point.

Here’s the first look of the yahoo logo re-design.

Images: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images; Yahoo

What do i think of the first draft logo?

When i first look at the logo design, my head just pop up ‘Futura’ fonts, not sure why but it had the same feel and point kerning as ‘Futura’ fonts. Although Yahoo didn’t state what font they use, maybe a custom fonts?. With billions of dollar industry, can’t imagine why they use a pre-existing fonts instead of hire a custom fonts designer to make their logo first debut launched.

The re-design of the Yahoo logo did not spark any different from other big brand re-design. eBay and Microsoft also transcending from unique customize fonts to a more thin and easy to read sans serif fonts. I guess with the rapid growth on mobile market, a font that easy to read in small size will come in priority. Well we will see what’s the final draft on the Yahoo logo re-design will be in about a month.

Stay Update: you can check the Yahoo logo re-design progress in daily logo
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Yahoo 30 days Logo Redesign Campaign Launched Designlogo designs,text logo
Checkout the first draft of Yahoo Logo Redesign from their 30 days redesign campaign. The new logo will keep the same purple color and the trademark Yahoo exclamation point.

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