what is amazon marketing

Everyone knows the world has become a global village and one doesn’t have to be in a location to get stuff from that same place. Many businesses have taken advantage of this globalization to expand beyond their locality. One of the major ways of getting goods across to people in different places is through e-commerce platforms.

E-commerce platforms are software applications where buyers and sellers come to buy and sell. Basically, the buyer who may also be referred to as a consumer uses the e-commerce platform to search for products, and drop the products they choose in a shopping cart and then proceed to the check out to pay. You can check out this glossary for more on e-commerce.

There are many e-commerce platforms but one that is unarguably most popular is Amazon. Because of its popularity, many people (individuals, brands, and companies) choose to use it to sell their products. This, therefore, means that there are thousands of sellers on this platform.

Considering this proliferation of sellers, how do some sellers appear more visible than others? And how does this visibility translate to more sales? One sure way of achieving this is through Amazon marketing.

Amazon Marketing

This type of marketing involves some actions that are taken to advertise and sell goods on Amazon. These actions include the following:-Amazon SEO, Amazon advertising, and External marketing

Let’s give you a quick rundown of these actions.

what is amazon marketing

Amazon SEO

SEO simply means Search Engine Optimization and it is one method that helps a site to rank high on search engines. So if your SEO is on point, you would always appear on the first page of the result of queries in your niche. More so, you would be among the first 3 search results.

Since many people go straight to Amazon to start their search for the product they need, it means that this platform is the number one search engine for products on the internet. Following that, it, therefore, means that Amazon SEO is a very crucial factor in your Amazon marketing. Without it, the likelihood your visibility on this number one site would not be high.

There are so many steps involved in Amazon search engine optimization and most people cannot do it themselves. You can quickly visit CanopyManagement.com to get a better understanding of what this really entails.

Amazon Advertising

This was formerly known as Amazon Marketing Services. It is a service that operates like the pay-per-click adverts on Google where the seller is only required to pay when people click on the adverts (this is whether the shopper buys the item or not).

Amazon is the leading e-commerce platform and that also comes with a high level of competition among its sellers. This is one major reason why Amazon Advertising is growing in leaps and bounds. Consequently, every seller needs a flexible advertising plan that’s strategic enough to give them the best return on investment.

Some benefits of this adverting include the following:-

  1. A safe environment for brands
  2. Reduction of sales cycles
  3. The improvement of product visibility and sales history of a product
  4. Improvement of the awareness for a brand
  5. The advertiser gains insight into consumer habits and optimizes campaigns that would reach a higher target audience.
  6. Data on the people that buy your product and their shopping habit
  7. Knowledge of the best ways to get customers at any time.
  8. Ability to track results and have resources to make decisions based on data.

what is amazon marketing

External Marketing

Although advertising on Amazon is a great idea, it has limitations. For this reason, sellers are advised to go beyond the platform with their advertising. That is why it is called external marketing

There are many reasons why advertising only on your e-commerce platform may slow down the growth of your business/products. They include the following:-

  1. The competition among sellers is always on the rise.
  2. Advert placements are saturated making it almost impossible for an organic listing to appear on the first page of search results.
  3. It is more expensive for new sellers to advertise their products

You can explore other channels for the promotion of your products and although they are paid channels, they are not too expensive.  These channels include the following:-

  • Google search
  • Facebook
  • Google display network
  • YouTube
  • Instagram

There are a number of external marketing strategies that you can take advantage of even outside of Amazon marketing:

All the above are part of strategies to get you to sell more on Amazon. But you do not have to go through all that by yourself. As we mentioned earlier, there are agencies that would help you carry out these strategies for a fee. This brings us to the subject of how to choose the right agency.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing An Agency For Amazon Marketing

The following in a nutshell are factors to consider before hiring any agency for this all-important campaign:-

Check Out Their Proposal

This pretty much covers a lot of all that you would require for your product.  What you should be looking out for here is whether the agency has a plan to meet your advertising needs. Furthermore, the proposal should state how it would achieve all that is needed to promote your product. It should also have a timeline.

Additionally, this timeline would tell you what to expect at different points of the campaign and also whether you would get reports or not.  This is also the document that gives you the price breakdown of all stages of the campaign. Do not be carried away by the design of the proposal. All you should be concerned with is the content of the proposal.

what is amazon marketing

Check Out Their Work Pattern

Ensure that the work pattern of the agency you choose rhymes with yours. This would save you a lot of frustration. Because if your work pattern is not in sync with theirs. You would not be able to communicate well and get tasks done as at when due.

They Must Communicate Well With Clients

The agency you choose should be one that responds promptly to client inquiries. They should be patient and willing to always explain stuff until the client understands. Communication is key in any form of human interaction that is why you need to take it seriously when choosing who to work with. You may want to read this article for more insight on the subject.


If you are a seller on Amazon, one thing you shouldn’t toy with is marketing. This is because it would help you stay ahead in the competitive world of e-commerce. We believe that the information that we have shared in this article would help you get started.

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