A Guide to Overcoming Your Email Marketing Problems

email marketing problems

Although 80% of marketers describe their email strategy as being successful when compared to the competition, this does not mean the marketing team aren’t faced with challenges. In fact, it is highly likely that they had many struggles which they needed to find solutions to, and it was their research and adaptability which made their email campaigns ‘best-in-class.’ For marketers who find creating a successful email campaign difficult,…Continue Reading→

A Better Way to Call Cuba from Canada

long distance phone calls tips guides

When you have family or friends in Cuba, calling them from Canada can be cheap or it can be easy, but rarely both. Cuba poses some unique problems for people trying to reach the island, and many would-be callers are frustrated by the high cost or inconvenience of international calling. Calling Cards Calling cards are the most popular solution out there for calling Cuba from Canada, but that’s…Continue Reading→

What to Know about Protecting Yourself in the Wake of the Equifax Breach

what to know about protecting yourself in the wake of the equifax breach

The Equifax breach is one of the largest in history, and it’s left 143 million people vulnerable to having their personal data possibly exposed to hackers. The company reports the breach may have started as early as May 2017 meaning three months of potential data exposure. So what can you do, whether you think you were part of the hack or you just want to be proactive against…Continue Reading→

Three Ways Graphic Designers Can Make a Business More Visual

three ways graphic designers can make a business more visual

Graphic designers have so many wonderful visual marketing tools at their disposal. Whether they’re going the old-fashioned route and using Photoshop to create a one-of-a-kind image, or they’re using one of the many online tools that are available, it’s amazing just how many options they have. As a business owner, you just have to know exactly what to do with all those options. There’s no doubt that you’ll…Continue Reading→

How to Stand out at Summer Trade Shows

how to stand out at summer trade shows

Competition is fierce these days, and if you own a business or are in charge of generating new business, trade shows can really help drive your clientele up. Whether you have a product to sell, or you need to fill your shelves, trade shows can really help you. Promotional products are important at trade shows, as they help get your name out and about in the world, and…Continue Reading→

Import VAT and How You Can Retrieve It

import vat tax back tips guides

Value-added tax and shipping duties are often considered unavoidable costs associated with exporting goods and doing business globally. Articles subject to value-added tax (or VAT) differ from country to country and this system of taxation is implemented in over 160 countries across the globe, most commonly however when shipping to and from the European Union. This tax is placed on a product whenever value is added at a…Continue Reading→

How to Improve Software Systems

how to improve software systems

It isn’t uncommon for software systems to diminish in quality over time. Changes may have been made to resolve problems and codebases might have become stuffed over time. To prevent your software from deteriorating, we are going to show you how to improve your software. Adaptable Software The quality of the software will be determined by the hardware, operating system and third-party services. As the environment can change…Continue Reading→

How to Select the Best Boombox

how to select the best boombox

Owning a boombox reaffirms the fact that a person gives a lot of value to music in his/her life, because no loud music can give the satisfying feeling that the music from your own box can give. Considering how music is developing and becoming more complex, and how people are increasingly looking for more and more convenience, it comes as no surprise that all kinds ranging from high…Continue Reading→

How SEO Can Improve Your Local Business

how seo can improve your local business

It may seem as if tactics like search engine optimization are only for national companies with huge budgets, but SEO can have tremendous impact on a local business. With the right research and planning, SEO will be the cost-effective and secure choice for boosting your search rankings and your customer base. How Does SEO Help Customers Find Your Business? One of the simplest and easiest ways SEO can…Continue Reading→

How 3D Avatars for Custom Whiteboard Can Help Build Your Business

how 3d avatars for custom whiteboard can help build your business

Video content is growing as a means of gathering information for a business. According to one survey, YouTube searches accounted for 28% of all Google Searches. Additionally, in a survey by AOL Platforms, it was shown that YouTube has the most conversions than any other social media. And while the explainer videos and the funny media account for a great deal of these searches, when it comes to…Continue Reading→

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