7 Commandments of Ecommerce Typography

7 commandments of ecommerce typography

Typography has a place in eCommerce. This artful take in font style, size, colors, and whatnot, serves not only the eyes of the customers, but also affect how they perceive the brand itself. Typography also ensure legibility and readability, a factor that should be considered by a business whose existence is primarily confined to a virtual store, its eCommerce site, in which the design has a lot of…Continue Reading→

5 Examples of When It Is Best to Place Your New Blog on a Private Server

5 examples of when it is best to place your new blog on a private server

Most websites are built on a shared server from a hosting company. This means that many users are accessing the same resources of the server to conduct day-to-day activities. Although this system is usually much cheaper in the beginning, it does have serious disadvantages over the long run. Shared servers are perfect for an individual operating a small blog. Because there are less storage and bandwidth requirements, these…Continue Reading→

How Reliable Are Web Hosting Reviews?

how reliable are web hosting reviews

Like most reviews of products or services, the review is only as good as the source that it comes from. There will be lots of websites out there that are more than happy to give their opinions on various web hosts but how credible are they? What you should always be looking for are experts in the product or service, they should be able to display some form…Continue Reading→

Shoot RAW And Let Artificial Intelligence Handle Your Editing

shoot raw and let artificial intelligence handle your editing 02

Photographic professionals, hobbyists, and fanatics will tell you that you should be shooting RAW; no ifs, ands, or butts about it. But, what makes RAW so good? And how exactly can it improve the quality of your photos? We’re going to take you through the pros and cons of RAW and jpg files, and introduce you to eye-opening editing software. Looking at a RAW image directly off of…Continue Reading→

Getting Action from Your Call to Action Buttons

getting action from your call to action buttons

Calls-to-action buttons are one of the most important elements of a website. They can make the difference between bouncing and converting.  According to a study by Small Business Trends, nearly 70% of small businesses websites don’t have a call-to-action. You know that effectiveness is an important element of building a successful website and factors such a page load time or navigation can make or break your conversion rate.…Continue Reading→

Welcome to the Digital Fast Beauty Era

welcome to the digital fast beauty era

A recent study from McKinsney pointed out that 26% of purchases are induced by social media influence. The firm also affirms that marketing inspired by word of mouth generates twice as many sales as paid advertising. And let’s face it, for the biggest buying industry that’s kind of a big deal. So to get this straight, let’s take a step back for a minute. The first question is:…Continue Reading→

Here are 4 Important Tips to Improve Your Website Content

here are 4 important tips to improve your website content

The best part about digital marketing is it has levelled out the playing field for all businesses. Online, it is not about how big your company is or how popular a specific product is, it is about getting the right amount of views on the website, interaction on social media, and shares all over the Internet. Feeling confident, you have even put up information on your company on…Continue Reading→

Best Ways to Keep Your Staff Motivated | Online Collaboration

best ways to keep your staff motivated

Best Ways to Keep Your Staff Motivated In a highly competitive business environment, in a world full of distraction and with the ever-present promise of better things, it can be a real uphill struggle for any business owner to keep their staff motivated. Yet the value of a motivated workforce is undeniable. In order to thrive, businesses need to reduce staff turnover and instead engender loyalty, trust and…Continue Reading→

The Top Four Online Marketing Trends for 2017

four online marketing trends for 2017

Four Online Marketing Trends for 2017 The online marketing game is an impetuous force that evolves and adapts as quickly as fast as new technologies hit that market. With stagnancy as its greatest nemesis, online marketing tactics are pushed forward as they attempt to compete for exposure in our blinky-dink world. If you want to have a competitive digital marketing strategy you’re going to need to seriously consider…Continue Reading→

The New Google Smaller, Faster App Updates: Understanding File-By-File Patching

the new google smaller faster app updates understanding file by file patching

Google is constantly improving its Android OS. Every year, numerous features are released that make it faster, more powerful, and more convenient. The latest new feature is file-by-file patching. So what is this, and how will it help Android users? Updating Apps Becomes Easier Google announced the change to how it updates apps in its blog. It is a completely new system that Google claims will reduce the…Continue Reading→

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