6 WordPress Tips for Beginners

wordpress tips for beginners

According to W3Techs nearly 28% of all websites online use WordPress including The New Yorker, BBC America and Variety. The pros of using WordPress include the fact that it's free, user-friendly and extremely versatile. A large array of available themes means that you can use it to create any website you like whether it be a blog, corporate or E-commerce site. Here are a few WordPress tips for…Continue Reading→

The Best Tools for a Graphic Designer

best tools for graphic designer

If you are a graphic designer, you will probably have the essential tools to create those fantastic designs. However, if you are just starting, there will be things you will need to not only help you create artwork, but also give you those little features that save time. Here is a list of the best tools for any graphic designer whether new or experienced. They might be the…Continue Reading→

6 Ways To Customize Your Laptop Inside & Out

6 ways to customize your laptop inside out

You’re at a Starbucks, sipping on a coconut cold brew, when you finally look up from your Pro screen to cast an eye around the place. Then it hits you. Aside from the few outliers who are enjoying their coffees in peace — with not even a book to distract them — the rest of the café looks just like you: ear buds in, bullet journal out, and…Continue Reading→

Top 5 Best Dual Camera Setup Smartphones

best dual camera setup smartphones

There used to be days where we need to buy DSLR gadgets or hire photographers in order to have some really cool pictures as memories. But with time, everything has changed. The rise of Technology in smartphones has really changed the way we look at mobiles nowadays. A smartphone is an all in one gadget, you can do everything with just a smartphone. Be it ordering food, capturing…Continue Reading→

The Future of Video Gaming Industry

video gaming future trends

Video gaming is now a worldwide enterprise which spans in several demographics. It has become the definitive way for people to interact and relate with one another. It’s an industry where the trends and software upgrades keep on changing. Below are some of the future trends of video gaming. Parents Are More Lenient On Gaming Than Ever “I wish my kids would go and have fun with football…Continue Reading→

3 Reasons Why Users Discard Mobile Apps

reasons why users discard mobile apps

It is obvious that mobile apps are the last frontier for doing business and engaging with customers. Over the last few years, numerous mobile apps providing all manner of services to subscribers have appeared on the market and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. However, many apps are discarded by users after just a few uses and this is currently the biggest headache for app developers.…Continue Reading→

3 Tech Trends That Make Cybersecurity Incredibly Important

cybersecurity tech trends

As humans continue to innovate, more technology gets released every year. With all the technology coming out, cybersecurity has become more important than ever. It’s a trend in-of-itself that cybersecurity breaches are inevitable, and it’s only a matter of time until a company’s sensitive data is infiltrated. The migration into a fully cyber dependent world has certainly been an interesting thing to watch. There are 3 major trends…Continue Reading→

Is Your Business Thriving in the Digital Age?

is your business thriving in the digital age

Building a successful business, online or solely in the physical realm, can be a time-consuming, expensive, and intensive process. With your nose to the grindstone constantly, it can become quite easy to miss late-breaking trends or the newest shifts in consumer behavior and technology – even within your own niche. Because of this, some businesses fail to recognize massive shifts in their markets, which can lead to missed…Continue Reading→

Cost-Effective Techniques to Increase Clicks on Your Website

cost effective techniques increase clicks

To any given marketer or business owner, the one thing they would love most is probably more customers. They would like more traffic on their websites. Lucky enough, there are numerous ways of increasing the traffic on sites. Here s a list of how to do just that. Advertisements Advertising is the most common way of getting traffic to your site. Advertising on social media and displaying advertisements…Continue Reading→

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