How to Create Great Newsletters with an Email Marketing Tool?

email marketing segmenting contact list

It has proved to be one of digital marketing’s most efficient tools, despite people thinking it had already become obsolete. The ease of communication it offers is valued by more and more companies everyday, although some of them may still not know how to use it properly. Lastly, despite still being considered spam by some people, its users couldn’t be more satisfied with its results. We are, of…Continue Reading→

The Benefits and Challenges of Behaviour Change Campaigns

the benefits and challenges of behaviour change campaigns

Behavioural change campaigns are the timely messages that continue to inspire generations, and start conversations around sensitive societal frameworks. If you can’t quite place what they are, they feature through a mix of media and are typically commissioned by government bodies who are trying to promote behavioural change. Behaviour change campaigns are effectively achieved when it is a shared initiative by influential organisations and the greater community. Strong…Continue Reading→

What to Know About Your Blog’s Spam Comments & How to Handle Them

spam comments handling tips

TechCrunch (a technology and startup news website hosted on WordPress) once announced that it received, on average, 15,000 spam comments every single day. Because spam is so commonplace, you’ve likely already encountered some spam on your website—especially if you’ve amassed a readership. Now that your blog is growing, it’s time to start thinking about the cause of spam and how you can address it. There are several ways…Continue Reading→

3 Ways to Leverage Cloud Computing in 2019

3 ways to leverage cloud computing in 2019

By this stage, almost every business in the country uses business solutions and systems running in the cloud as part of their operational workflows. Cloud solutions are the norm and businesses are benefiting a lot from both the expanded availability and added resources offered by cloud computing in general. Still, there are more ways to benefit from cloud computing, especially with the technologies supporting cloud infrastructure today. As…Continue Reading→

How Bridging Local SEO Agency Services Will Make Your Website Strong

how local seo better rank website

It has already been established that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for better ranking of your website. The growing number of smartphone users and the corresponding location-based searches now call for local SEO to boot your business locally. Google has already realized the impact of location specific searches, and therefore, whenever a user searches for a business near them, it now shows them only three of the…Continue Reading→

5 Reasons Why AI-Powered Sales CRM Software is Changing the Game

ai powered crm software business marketing

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is an important part of any business. Try to run a business without keeping your customers happy and looked after, and you won’t last long at all. In fact, it’s been estimated that poor customer service costs businesses up to $75 billion each year. $75 billion! That’s a gigantic number to be leaving on the table. Those who know the importance of customer service…Continue Reading→

Website Mistakes Law Firms Need to Avoid

website mistakes must avoid tips

There are over 1.3 million attorneys in the US alone so it is now more important than ever for a law firm to have a really strong online presence. It needs to be said that most searches start online so it is vital to outperform the competition. The website needs to be outstanding but most law firm sites are not well-built. This is due to many mistakes that…Continue Reading→

Everyone Loves It: 5 Reasons That WordPress Has Become so Popular for Website Design

five reasons people love wordpress

Why is WordPress so popular? Approximately 16 million websites online today rely on the platform for their pages, making it one of the strongest contenders for those looking to start a site of their own. In fact, it has many current website owners wondering if they should make the switch. Is it worth it? Here are five reasons people love WordPress. 1. Plugins and Themes This is the…Continue Reading→

5 Free Strategies to Step up Your Marketing and Make a Name in Your Industry

business marketing strategies tips

Looking to make moves and stake your claim in your industry but have no idea what to do next? Hey, we’ve all been there. Conventional wisdom tells us that we need to launch some sort of insane product or break ground with new content to make it happen, right? Well, not necessarily. Perhaps it’s most prudent to consider what we can do right now rather than hope for…Continue Reading→

Behind the Blog: Things You Need to Start a Website

things needed to start website blog Every person and their dog have an online presence these days. As we witnessed the boom of the influencer era, we’ve seen thousands; maybe even millions of blogs come to be. Some of them we’ve watched with awe as their follower count grew to the size of small countries. Many more we’ve seen come and go, visited once and forever lost to Internet obscurity. As easy and fun as it looks, blogging takes hard work and the best blogs took years of toil to achieve their celebrity status. If you’ve always dreamed of setting up your own blog, as they say, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Here’s your definitive checklist of the things you need to start your own website. Continue Reading→

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