Top 5 Web Hosting Companies to Investigate in 2018

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In today's online world, it's imperative you have a solid web hosting company to drive success. Whether you're building a personal blog or an eCommerce mega-store, it all starts with good digital real estate. The thing to keep in mind is not all web hosting companies are built the same. Some offer superior customer service while others put more effort into features. Whichever you prefer, it's a good…Continue Reading→

The Golden Rules of Customer Communications

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As a business owner, the idea of a customer trying to contact you and finding your company unavailable is a terrifying one. In the modern world, businesses are supposed to be easily contacted and accessible. As a result, if a customer comes calling (or emailing, or Tweeting…) then you need to be sure that someone from your company is there to answer. However, this is easier said than…Continue Reading→

3 Reasons Your next Event Needs Custom Printed Shirts

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Whether you’re throwing a food festival, music festival, film festival, parade, or any of the other myriad reasons to get people in the community together, one thing is for sure – you want it to run smoothly. There’s a lot to consider here: you have to make sure there is a level of security commensurate with the type of event; that washrooms and other necessary facilities are set…Continue Reading→

Ideas for How Your Company can Thrive in the Online Space

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These days your company has to be online, or you’re missing out a huge chunk of potential business. It’s smart to have a plan and not jump into an unknown territory without any thought or consideration behind what you hope to get out of your efforts. Customers are hanging around online and using their phones and computers to research and locate products and services they’re in need of.…Continue Reading→

3 Pointers for People Trying to Develop an Online Audience

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No matter how good your website is, it will not be successful if people do not know it is there. No one will click on it to view and it will not move up the rankings unless you have some way of letting people know about it. If you have a poor website to begin with, you’re going to struggle to develop an audience who stick around. Make…Continue Reading→

8 Accessories Every Drone User Should Have

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Anyone who flies a drone will understand that the drone alone will not be enough to get the aerial shots you need in a comfortable way. To do that, you will need accessories which either enhance the performance of the drone or help you use it in a much easier manner. So in this post, we will look at eight accessories that every drone user must have. Extra…Continue Reading→

Where to Find a Freelance Writer for Your Website

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Many companies strive to offer quality content to increase its online presence, finding the best freelance writers is the best strategy to stay visible online. Producing high-quality content will definitely improve your online visibility, whether its article writing or any other forms of writing, all these processes need professionalism. Freelance writers are important in all aspects, they craft complex documents like press releases, speeches, and marketing adverts. Creating…Continue Reading→

3 Ways to Improve the SEO of Your Website

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Expensive pay-per-click campaigns that sometimes produce uneven results are simply not an option for many small and medium-sized businesses, so website Search Engine Optimization is critical. Unless your website is “above the fold” on the Search Engine Results Page (i.e. customers don’t have to scroll down to find your listing), they will most likely go elsewhere. SEO is a little like a FICO score. No one, outside Google…Continue Reading→

The Branding Advantages of Small Businesses

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Branding plays an important role in any business. Just ask the companies who have been suing each other like 20th Century Fox suing Universal Studios because the latter produced Battlestar Galactica. 20th Century Fox cited 34 specific copyright infringements, one of which is the similarity between the cantina scene in Star Wars and the casino scene in Battlestar Galactica (both feature musical entertainment being provided by non-humans). Some…Continue Reading→

Tips for Boosting Your Content Marketing from Good to Great

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You know content marketing is essential in today’s world, and you may already have a good strategy going. To stay on top of your competitors, it’s time to turn good into great. Here are some tips to improve your content marketing strategy: Be Intentional When Crafting Blog Articles Publishing as many blog posts as possible isn’t a guaranteed ticket to success. Some say having tons of content indexed…Continue Reading→

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