Few Things to Consider Before Quitting Your Job and Start Freelancing

Do not believe what people told you that freelancing is an easy business. Even though starting your own freelance career may seem intriguing and tempting at first, however it need more hard work and dedication than most people think. Freelance always been label as job or career that self-employed and is not committed to a particular employer long term. You can work with a particular project for months…Continue Reading→

10 Futuristic Concept Mobile Phone Designs

[sc:chitika300 class='adsright']Mobile Phone probably one of your most touched item daily. We used mobile phone (also known as a cellular phone, cell phone and a hand phone) for communication, text messaging, MMS, internet access, emails, online games, watch videos, listen to music and sometime used for the alarms. The multipurpose of mobile phone made it a must have for daily usage in today society. At least 60% of…Continue Reading→

Social Media a Silent Killer?

Social media a vast networking that connect millions of people around the world. Nowadays you can easily find your friends, family, co-workers and even new acquittance in social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin etc. Just a simple push of button, you can send your updates or photos to all your connections from all around the world. In our modern technology driven society, the use of…Continue Reading→

Why Online File Storage is Important for Everyone

[sc:chitika300 class='adsleft']In this modern age, everyone now owned at least 2-3 backup storage such as 1TB portable hard drive or 5TB external storage drive. All the extra space to store your valuable and important stuff like music, photos, games and more importantly your work files. As a web developer myself, i personally own couple of 2TB portable hard drive to store my important files. Lesson learn, back in…Continue Reading→

What i like and don’t like on Facebook news feed redesign

Earlier this month (March 2013), Facebook - the giant social network announced a complete design overhaul of the various feeds. If you log in into your facebook account, you will see a different homepage design for the news feed. Your friends, groups and pages will be on the left hand side of your screen. Although the new updates and redesign sound like a brilliant move but there is…Continue Reading→

Designers That Taken Web Designs to Next Level

As a designer myself, the slight pixel details in web design can separate you from a normal designer or an over the top designer. i think i'm on the first roaster list. :) ok i admit it, i'm a normal, your everyday designer. Improving the pixel details execution take years of practice unless you were born with it. Practically illustration art that sometime captivate me and i'm thinking…Continue Reading→

Beautiful and Classic Blog Designs

Do you ever get tired of seeing so many Magazine layout WordPress/Blog Designs? All of them had a similarity which are Fancy and Attractive Slider, Featured Section Articles and Thumbnails with only 10-20 words excerpt. Seeing that many similar layout makes you wonder how i missed the good old days of simple Blog Designs. If you're a WordPress Lover like me then you'll remember WordPress Default Theme -…Continue Reading→

Example of Website Using Infinite Scroll

When you look at web designs nowaday, many design layout are either use a magazine grid based design or box horizontal and vertical grid based design. Using grid based design can help improved content display if you want to show 10-20 posts in single page alone. With the new infinite scroll js introduced back in 2011, you can even display all your posts in single page without visitors…Continue Reading→

Keko Theme Updated, GPL and Mobile Friendly

Nothing better than seeing your old car got pimp with new wheels. haha!! that's right folks, our most downloaded theme 'Keko' now updated to compatible with latest WordPress 3.5.1. I also decided to change the license from Common Creative Share-a-like to General Public License (GPL). The Keko Theme also had major changes/updated on templating, they are more simple and organize now. WordPress custom menu also are now supported.…Continue Reading→

Vivid and Creativity of Korean Web Designs

Something about Korean Web Designs make me feel alive and inspiring. Its not like i don't like our native and european web designs, just the feel and vibrant look on the Korean web designs really fascinating. With the KPOP Culture which bring some wave to all nation and country, hopefully their web designs can be take notice from us in american soils and european continent. Here's a list…Continue Reading→

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