An Overview of Web Design and Search Engine Optimization

Web design encircles various disciplines and skilled, revolving around the creation of a website and maintenance. There are various forms of web design, including web graphic design and interface design. Every Webmaster desires to have a website that is user friendly, so visitors can navigate around with ease.  Many companies that offer this service with oftentimes operate as a team, with each member performing and focusing on one particular…Continue Reading→

Traffic, Sales, Leads and Loyalty: Steps to Get You Started with Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is different than the traditional methods seen with outbound marketing. Some of the usual ways of doing things include billboards, print ads, and press releases in order to cast a net on a large audience. Instead inbound marketing is a way to pull in qualified prospective buyers already looking for the answers. Instead of having to force the product, it’s about educating and making the customers…Continue Reading→

Equipment Essentials: Begging, Borrowing and Other Options for Business Owners

There are so many big decisions to take when setting up a business. Finding premises from which to operate, exploring the market, getting your head around employment law, insurance, and tax—the list goes on and on. Then there is the little matter of the equipment you are going to need to carry out your business. It is not just a question of getting the equipment; it is finding…Continue Reading→

Top 5 Fonts For Your Blog Title

Know what’s worse than a bad blog title? A bad blog title with a bad blog font. After you start a blog, choose a strong blog title, and make it stand out with a bold font. Something that encompasses what your blog is about but is also legible.  When you choose a font, keep in mind that it should embody whatever your blog is about.  Whether it’s a…Continue Reading→

Important Things to Remember When Doing Local SEO Work

When you are improving SEO for local business people, a different set of tactics must be employed then if you were working with a website owner. In this article, we will share some important things to remember when taking on a local SEO project. 1) Citation building is key Of all the local SEO strategies out there, there are none that are more important than citation building. Simply…Continue Reading→

Stress Management for Your At Home Web Design Business

We’ve all dreamed of being our own web design boss. No one to answer to, no time cards to punch. Living the entrepreneurial dream. Unfortunately this liberation from upper management also means more responsibility.  Much like being a first time homeowner after renting your entire life. There’s no landlord to call anymore when a pipe bursts. This newfound responsibility can make many web design business owners  crack under…Continue Reading→

3 Keys for Making Sure Your Website Communicates What You Want It To

Your business website “talks” to people in powerful ways. It conveys messages about your products and your company’s ability to understand potential customers’ needs. It creates, very quietly, first impressions of your business’s overall quality and relevance. In today’s ever-increasing cyber marketplace, the success or failure of your company can hinge on what your site communicates to people. A business that communicates well maximizes its potential. This fact…Continue Reading→

3 Tips For Customizing and Creating Your Website Portfolio

Are portfolios a thing of the past? No. Gone might be the days of carrying around physical portfolios of your work, but just because you don’t see many people carrying around black books varying in size to all of their appointments in the city doesn’t mean that portfolios and the need for them are long gone. In fact, thanks to technology and the way that it has revolutionized…Continue Reading→

An In-Depth Analysis: Top Tips on How to Review and Update Your Website

Looking at your website everyday can sometimes impede your objective judgment on the look and flow of your website. There are several items and critiques you may have about your website but just haven’t gotten around to fixing or changing anything else. Websites need to be altered, optimized and changed on a periodic basis to stay fresh. It’s time to look at how to adequately do this. Metrics…Continue Reading→

Your Online Storefront: What You Need to Know Before Your Launch Day

Launching an online store is a dream for many people. However, even though it is easier than ever to do these days, there is still a lot of work involved in getting your site set up. Here is a guide for anyone who is keen to launch their own store, from coming up with ideas to selling your first product. First Things First First of all, if you…Continue Reading→

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