Why is it So Important to Engage in Local SEO?

It seems as if everybody is talking about something new in the world of internet these days. The hype is known as local search engine optimization, or local SEO. Suddenly, businesses are trying to promote their geographical location, using things like Bing Local, Yahoo Local and Google My Business listing. Because local SEO is becoming so popular, there are also many companies that offer local SEO services that…Continue Reading→

10 Things to Know to Have an Excellent Online Reputation

Once upon a time, the world of true marketing was reserved only for big businesses with equally big budgets. But then the internet happened and the playing field was completely leveled. No longer were the only types of media those that were unaffordable, like television and print. Suddenly, it was only about understanding how the internet works, and no huge amounts of money are needed for that. The…Continue Reading→

Why Hosting is the Backbone of Online Marketing?

On the face of it, web hosting seems to belong to an entirely different domain than online marketing. After all, online marketing is supposed to be all about clever content and persuasive copy, isn’t it? Well, in a highly competitive industry, even the best worded marketing content can go to waste if the web hosting is inefficient or just mediocre. Firstly, a good web host listed on hosting…Continue Reading→

Tips to Financial Freedom for 2016 – How to Become a Millionaire

Who among us didn’t see the ball drop, hear wind-up toys and participate in the countdown to midnight without envisioning how this was going to be a better and more prosperous year? Mostly likely if you didn’t vow to cut back on your calories, you did to cut back on your spending. After holiday gift giving, many are thinking about how they are going to pay off their…Continue Reading→

5 Reasons to Choose VPS Hosting Over Shared Hosting

A lot of people are under the impression that finding the right web hosting service is a pretty simple and straightforward proposition. Literally nothing could be further from the truth. It has become so mission critical for you to have a quality website in place today to compete in business that without the right web host – a web host that will help you build and grow your…Continue Reading→

What Fears Are Likely To Haunt Startups

The trend that has caught up like wildfire in the recent times is that of a start-up. Nobody wants a boss anymore and everybody is abuzz with innovation and creation. People no longer wait for others to invent things that makes lives easier. If they want it, they go get it. But let us face it. With the inception of every idea comes a set of fears and…Continue Reading→

To Hire or Not to Hire: Tips for Building Your Business Website

As a business owner, part of your marketing strategy should include creating a website for your enterprise. This is a vital step to take in boosting your business because an online presence is now more important than ever before. Your business website is your face to the world, establishing your unique brand and ensuring your customers can find you. Additionally, a website allows you to reach a wider…Continue Reading→

6 of the Most Common Content Marketing Mistakes

The Content Marketing Landscape Content marketing constantly changes and evolves, much like the associated technology, and the consumers to which it appeals. As we begin a new year, we can expect to see an increasing focus on quality content, and a move away from junk and filler content. There’s also likely to be more interest in content investment and content marketing technology, and an emphasis on building not…Continue Reading→

8 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2016

After much anticipation, we’ve finally welcomed the New Year. It’s a time for resolutions, company evaluations, and overall improvements. During your time of goal setting this year, take a minute to evaluate your social media marketing strategies over the last year. What things have you done well? What mistakes did you make? There’s extreme value in learning from your errors. Everyone does some pretty stupid things when they’re…Continue Reading→

7 Plugins to Speed up Your Google Analytics Game

No one can argue with the fact that keeping track of your metrics is essential. Small and medium-sized businesses frequently use Google Analytics, and for good reason. The marketing insight it provides on traffic sources, or how successful a business is in converting traffic into sales is pretty amazing. Also, it helps you find out what your audience wants to see and what type of content they love.…Continue Reading→

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