Your 7-Step Guide to Building an SEO-Optimised Website from Scratch

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Launching a brand new website is no small task. Forget the promotions we all see about how you can build an effective, optimised website in less than an hour with this platform or that. No reputable website design agency would ever make a promise like that. It just doesn't work that way. The market is way too competitive. To succeed in today's online world, there are specific principles…Continue Reading→

A Structured Way to Close a Sale: 6 Essential Components of a Sales Funnel

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When you’re thinking of sales pipelines and funnels, it helps to know a little about plumbing. For starters, pipelines are horizontal, and funnels are vertical. The pipeline is a series of activities a sales rep makes happen to bring someone along a line from prospect to customer. A typical sales pipeline might include stages like Qualification, Appointment, Proposal, Conversion. And, it would diagram like so: A sales pipeline…Continue Reading→

4 Benefits of Using a Marketing Proposal Template

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Intro In any kind of client-facing work, business owners and managing staff necessarily spend a lot of time acquiring new business — in other words, answering CFP’s (Call for Proposals), sending cold emails, and generally trying to strike up new relationships. It’s one of the most rewarding parts of any successful client-facing business, but it can also be incredibly time-consuming. Writing every single email or phone script by…Continue Reading→

Amazon Web Services: What Exactly Is It and How Can It Help Your Business?

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We are all trying to get by in the world. Some simply try harder than others. Others simply do it better than some. That is an undeniable fact. And while it’s not correct to simply chalk it up to something like the use or misuse of certain tools, one cannot deny that the wisest course of action, especially when you’re trying to meet entrepreneurial success, is to make…Continue Reading→

What do Workers Pay Attention to When Choosing a Job?

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Whether you are a fresh graduate looking for an entry-level job or a veteran employee switching to another workplace, sometimes making the right decision comes with big challenges. Come to think about it. You have been without a job for a couple of months and hoping that somehow, a good offer will come along. Suppose it happens, how then do you make sure it is the best opportunity…Continue Reading→

How to Make Your Website Stand Out

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Have you ever gone on a website and noticed how much it looked better than others out there? Perhaps you thought to yourself, wow, I wish mine looked like this. What are those things that make your website stand out? Our experts are here today to explain exactly that and give you tips so that your website can look just as good as the ones you are impressed…Continue Reading→

Best Strategies to Increase Your Followers in Instagram

best strategies to increase instagram followers

Instagram is like an advertising dream, it gives you the opportunity to use the images you want to promote your brand to millions of people and for free. IG is the most important visual social network of the moment; you cannot miss the opportunity to fill your account with new followers who will be part of your community in networks, with very high chances of becoming your most precious customers.…Continue Reading→

5 Common Problems that Sink Content Marketing Strategies

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Most business owners recognize the need to form compelling content in order to boost their site’s digital presence and win new leads. That much isn’t new. However, sophisticated content marketing strategies are often more difficult to implement than most people first realize. Indeed, there are a myriad of possible content marketing missteps that can derail your efforts and (potentially) hurt your company. With that in mind, today we’ll…Continue Reading→

Strengthening Tech Workplaces Through Upskilling

strengthening tech workplaces through upskilling

When working in an office or otherwise traditional professional environment, it is not uncommon for the workplace to collectively gather for professional training modules throughout the calendar year. Quite often – if not always – these professional training sessions are put in place to cater to the needs of the workplace going forward, and to address any lingering inadequacies in the way that the team functions and thrives.…Continue Reading→

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