Business is All About Utilizing Time and Processes

There are many factors that contribute to a business’ success and it would take a long time to list them all here, however I would like to focus on two unsung heroes: the utilization of time and processes. These two areas need to be addressed in a lot of businesses and although I doubt a company will be broken if they don’t use their time wisely, it might…Continue Reading→

Best Places to Share Your Infographics, Submit One Today!

Infographic become one of the most demanded and favoured content marketing strategy today. Bloggers who wanted to expose their content need to be more creative on how to present their information effectively. Hence infographic become a more favourable voice for bloggers to express what their content about in graphical matters where all level of readers can understand. Why Infographic Better than Text? It is common knowledge that people…Continue Reading→

Challenges Facing SEO Campaigners in 2015

Getting your website to rank high in search results for your target terms takes effort. It involves thorough understanding of the guidelines and best practices at any given time, and painstakingly implementing strategies that fall within them. To add to the difficulty, these best practices are constantly evolving. Over the past one year, SEO has changed, posing new challenges for people running new SEO campaigns. In this piece…Continue Reading→

Stocking Fillers for The Web Designers

With Christmas just one month away now is the perfect time to make that wish list for those stocking fillers for all budding web designers. Adobe Photoshop This is a must have package for any budding or professional web designers. The Adobe Photoshop family includes all the tools you need to bring out the shine in your digital images and helping to show them off in an extraordinary…Continue Reading→

4 Reasons to Improve Your Healthcare Site

It doesn’t matter if you manage a private practice or sell medical supplies as an e-tailer. The healthcare industry is straggling behind when it comes to quality of their websites. This is unfortunate because it immediately puts you at a disadvantage. The vast majority of Americans are researching online before making an appointment with a new doctor or choosing the new supplier for their practice. If your healthcare…Continue Reading→

Ways That CMS Applications Are More Ideal for Web Design

Although many people want to have their own websites on the Internet, not everyone has the programming skills nor the finances to hire a professional for development. It's this reason why content management systems are ideal for designing websites. A CMS solution takes the work out of building and maintaining a website through automated processes. In what ways can this platform be more ideal than the customization offered…Continue Reading→

Tips for Identifying the Best Web Design Company in St. Louis

When hiring the service of a web design company in St. Louis, it is important to know that the company that you choose will play a very significant role in determining the look and performance of your website. The appearance and performance of your website will influence the sales that you generate from the services and products that you offer through your website. Today, there are thousands of…Continue Reading→

Why SaaS Performance is Critically Important

The move away from traditional software to SaaS applications has resulted in an increased need for performance. Where a casual Web browser may tolerate a slow-loading page, SaaS users tend to be much more sensitive to performance issues. After all, they need software to perform in order to do their jobs. Excessive delays are both frustrating and a drain on productivity. According to a recent blog post on…Continue Reading→

The Keys to Creating Great Websites for Artists

Designing any website can be a time-consuming, tedious, and daunting process. A lot goes into the creation of a website, especially since you need to incorporate responsive web design to ensure your site displays properly on all types of devices, and SEO for ranking as high as possible in search engines. But when it comes to the creation of a website for artists and creative individuals, such as…Continue Reading→

Defining Brand with Colours

Brand colours have many implications for business. This is infographic highlights how some of the core colours used in branding have associated meanings. It is no coincidence that many technology companies choose to utilise the colour blue in their branding. As we can see from the infographic the associated meanings with this colour include security, honestly, strength and calmness; all attributes she would look for in an IT…Continue Reading→

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