Making the Move Online!

Ecommerce has kept a firm grip on its customers as it continues to grow across the world, and ecommerce is predicted to grow by 18.4 percent in 2015 in Europe alone. As a $220 billion dollar industry and with growth of almost 20 percent per year, it will just keep getting bigger. Being able to shop online from their own homes has now become almost a demand from…Continue Reading→

Practical Advice for a Home Based Computer Repair Service

Starting a home based computer repair service can be a challenging endeavor, even for a technically inclined individual with a background in business. While advertising and soliciting clients will certainly play a huge role in how much revenue you'll be able to generate through your computer repair service, first and foremost, you'll need to develop the appropriate skillsets and acquire the tools and knowledge necessary to perform a…Continue Reading→

Online Video Helps Businesses Achieve Exposure

The internet has become a major asset for companies across the globe. The game changing technology has brought people together and reshaped the way businesses and organizations communicate with one another. Online video is the latest asset that helps business achieve exposure for a variety of programs and ideas. Companies like ACN Inc have begun to take advantage of the power of online video to promote ideas and…Continue Reading→

Why Posters Are Here to Stay in a Digital World

With all the emphasis on online marketing, it would seem like hard-copy printing would be a thing of the past. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality there will always be a place for printing, posters in particular, and if you aren’t clear why, here are a few good reasons. Unbelievable – Not Everyone Is Online! Believe it or not, there is still a segment…Continue Reading→

Three Tips for a Successful Marketing Campaign

Managing a successful marketing plan often means that you have to recruit services from experts in areas like web design, development, and content creation. You don't have to know how to do all of these things on your own, but you do need to learn how to communicate your vision to those professionals so they can give you the results you want. Follow these three tips to make…Continue Reading→

The Net Neutrality Debate

The ongoing dispute over the future of cyberspace has engaged everyone from celebrities to entrepreneurs to the President of the United States. The stakes are high; the Internet has completely changed the way people live their lives, impacting the way you shop, make dinner reservations, and pay bills. It has spawned entire industries, including social media, IT services, and the blogosphere. Many of these aspects of the online…Continue Reading→

Top 3 Effective Techniques for Web Development Sydney

A vast number of web development techniques that are operational in Australia have been overcome by varied changes and events related to web development. The web designers involved in this field are required to have good amount of knowledge about current online market trends. If you want your business to survive for a long period of time, it is extremely important to catch hold of efficient techniques for…Continue Reading→

Technology to Make Life Easier for the Mompreneur

Juggling kids, working full time and traveling for business leaves many entrepreneurial moms looking for a better way to manage their time. Women who balance work and motherhood need tools in their life to make it easier to transition between these two roles. Here are a few tech gadgets to help make life easier: iPad Air 2 The size and slimness of the iPad Air 2 make it…Continue Reading→

Incorporating SEO into Your Website’s Design

Search engine optimization (SEO) measures how visible your site is through search engines. If your site does not rank on the first page of a Google keyword search, you are going to miss out on a great deal of business. If you are not on the top two pages, you are likely to never be seen by a great deal of consumers looking for products within your niche.…Continue Reading→

Web Design Mistakes Small Businesses Should Avoid

If you have just started off a couple of years ago in the virtual world and yours is a small sized business, it is important that you make the best use of your website as your selling tool. Most importantly, it should be your branding tool. So, your website design should be in accordance to the same. Just as a great website can get you hundreds of leads…Continue Reading→

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