Why SaaS Performance is Critically Important

The move away from traditional software to SaaS applications has resulted in an increased need for performance. Where a casual Web browser may tolerate a slow-loading page, SaaS users tend to be much more sensitive to performance issues. After all, they need software to perform in order to do their jobs. Excessive delays are both frustrating and a drain on productivity. According to a recent blog post on…Continue Reading→

The Keys to Creating Great Websites for Artists

Designing any website can be a time-consuming, tedious, and daunting process. A lot goes into the creation of a website, especially since you need to incorporate responsive web design to ensure your site displays properly on all types of devices, and SEO for ranking as high as possible in search engines. But when it comes to the creation of a website for artists and creative individuals, such as…Continue Reading→

Defining Brand with Colours

Brand colours have many implications for business. This is infographic highlights how some of the core colours used in branding have associated meanings. It is no coincidence that many technology companies choose to utilise the colour blue in their branding. As we can see from the infographic the associated meanings with this colour include security, honestly, strength and calmness; all attributes she would look for in an IT…Continue Reading→

Website Builders vs. Content Management Systems – What’s the difference?

Whether it’s to showcase your portfolio, sell products or simply reach out and share your thoughts with the world, you’ve probably already decided that the best way to do it is by building your own website. Having already started to go it alone, you’ve decided you’re going to make this a solo mission too. For one thing, your budget just won't stretch to paying the expensive fees charged…Continue Reading→

A Simple Guide to Webhosting

Webhosting, while second nature to those with the technical background, can seem like a rather confusing subject to those who aren’t familiar with all of the technical aspects and industry jargon used to describe it. WE have previously written a piece on switching web hosts, but we thought it would be good to offer you a simple view of what web hosting is all about. When the hosting…Continue Reading→

10 Creative Website with Parallax Scrolling

Building a website is getting easier nowadays with easy website builder such as wix or squarespace. However with these hassle free website builder, creativity had it limitation. You cannot build a website with more custom effect or components because they already had their present design style and options to choose from. One of the perk would be not having Parallax Scrolling effect on their build website. Continue Reading→

Website Trends Continue Into 2015

Trends shape just about every area of our lives, and Web design is no different. If your company hasn't changed the design of its website in a while, you may want to consider updating your look and the message that you want to portray to your audience. With so many competing websites to share market space with, if your brand doesn't have a modern and unique look, it…Continue Reading→

Big Data and Web Development

We live in an era of Big Data, which involves sets of information so large, normal database applications are thought to be unable to bear the load. While some attempt to approach the problem with a hardware solution, searching for online components that will aid them in building the next electronic device designed for massive data crunching procedures, such efforts may not always accommodate web based applications for…Continue Reading→

The Importance Of Website Security For Online Gaming Application

There have been a lot of discussions happening recently regarding the security of online gaming websites as the cyber thieves and hackers are growing at a rapid pace. Online security has become a serious threat to online users who tend to spend numerous hours at gaming websites owing to the sophisticated approach followed by hackers. However, gaming companies have taken this issue seriously and have made every arrangement…Continue Reading→

You’ll be Shocked to see this Amazing Street Advertising

Making an long lasting impression on your brand advertisement ads is not an easy job. The average time people will look at ads or brand message is not more than 3 seconds. That is not enough to spread your brand message to everyday onlookers. There are various method of advertising such as tv commercials ads, webite ads, magazine ads, news ads and billboards ads but there is one particular ads style that make you look twice, and that is Street Advertising. Continue Reading→

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