Cute Colourful Graphic Design and Animation Character

Back in 2008, I was stationed in Singapore for a lead team design project for local firm that handle graphic and billboard designs for local business. I came across a illustrated motion graphic platform in exhibit that features a cute and colourful animated and motion graphic characters. My first thought was ‘WOW!’, the character digital design are awesome and unique. For i myself a big fan of Japanese pop art culture, korean website design and anime digital world so like a boy losing his way home, i asked around about who’s the artist creating the illustration piece but in the end unfortunately i haven’t been able to met the artist in person. Today, i am going to introduce to all anime, motion graphic design and digital art design fan out there, the artist whom created the illustration that fascinate me. She is the one and only, Caramelaw (a.k.a Sheena Aw). She is a mad motion graphic designer and illustrator by day and a candy land super hero by night. Continue Reading→

30+ Example of Website Design for Education and Learning

When people talk about education website design site, they would simply think it must be boring and out dated web design styles. However that’s not entirely true, with the growth in web technology and website design evolution from Web 2.0 era, the education website design style also evolve with more colourful and more user interface or UI wise layout. Continue Reading→

11 Modern Fonts for Headline and Branding

Typography or fonts not only for communication purpose, it also convey how we look toward the message that the font type represent. Since the beginning of time, typography had been playing a significant role in our society. Each type of font can help identify a certain brand's sole identity. There are tons of unique modern fonts by font designers around the world, choosing one out of millions of…Continue Reading→

20+ Best Example of Long Shadow in Icon and Graphic Designs

One of the hottest trend in Website Designs, Icon Designs and Graphic Designs nowadays is Flat Design Concept. Flat designs concise of design elements with no shadows, textures, fake leather and gradients. When a new trend arrives, designers allow their emotions take control. Sure this cool new “trend” might be “hot,” however thinking about things in long term is the smarter thing to do. Just because all the cool kids are doing it, doesn’t mean you should. Continue Reading→

60+ Free PSD Designs for Website Select Box and Dropdown

When you are working on a website design mockup, you often found yourself tired or not interested in designing a simple select box or dropdown box for the website design. It may seem simple but designing a select box or dropdown with details are very mind bugging and every pixel need to be precise and compatible with the website design style you’re working on. Feeling lost and not sure what to do? Check out this list of 60+ Free PSD Designs for website select box and dropdown navigation. Hope you find this Free PSD Graphic resources useful and can help you on your next web design projects. Continue Reading→

Best in Web Design for July 2013

Not much changes in web design trend in July 2013, Flat design trend still a hot topic. Although there’s a new revolution in flat design that involve an effect on long shadow tail. Designers and developer working on improving contact and form page design. More freebies download offered by designers in July 2013. Looking into education website design best examples and practice. Typography taking a higher priority in making a website messages stand out. Menu navigation designs are now been put onto table when designing a more versatile user interface to improve user experience when navigating a website. Continue Reading→

New and Creative Website Designs from Designer Around the World

Let us take a break from Flat Website Designs concept. Ever since Microsoft and Google first started the flat design frenzy, more and more designers are currently adapting or rather follow the hot trend in web and graphic designs. To the extend of everything flat is consider a better and modern approach in any designs including website, graphic and user interface designs. I really misses the old days where texture, custom illustration and strong gradient dominated the web design world, hehe..ok that’s a bit exaggerating! I mean come on, didn’t you missed the urban, grunge and dirty distort graphic (in a good way) in web designs? i know i do 🙂 Flat designs methodology is growing rapidly since CSS3 were introduce to modern web coding. Continue Reading→

20+ Free Monochrome Color Icon Set

Monochrome or single color icon set are very useful resources for web designers. When designing a website, web designer often wanted to place a mini and simple icon beside a text to indicate what the text represent. Not only that monochrome icons work best on any background colors, they are also easy to edits and no hard and complicated details which we see in many icons nowadays, especially icons like iOs7. Monochrome icons can also adapt the ‘flat’ design methodology, no extra shadow, no extra unnecessary details, only one single colors that work perfectly in light or dark background. In this article, i will show you 20+ Free Monochrome Color Icon Set you can download for free. You can use them in your next website design and website development projects. Continue Reading→

30+ Best Examples of Modern Flat Icon Set

Continue with the obsession over Flat Designs Trend, I’ve been looking around the web for a collection of Flat icon set and Flat icon designs that can inspire me for my next project. When looking around the web, I’ve also read article on “Flat” design subject. There’s a lot of debate regarding this trend, some are positive and some are negative. There’s one particular article i read that is interesting. It is about Flat design casts a long shadow, seem like there’s some evolution in simple “flat” design. You’ll need to check out the article for better understanding. Continue Reading→

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