What is Cloud Networking?

You've heard of cloud software and cloud storage. In fact, they're both changing how you work. Instead of loading and maintaining software on individual machines or network servers, you simply access applications hosted in the cloud. Instead of storing files on local or network disks, you store them online where they're readily accessible wherever you go. While cloud software and storage have gone mainstream, a relative newcomer to…Continue Reading→

Mobile Friendly vs Responsive Web Design

Most website owners know of certain practices that should be implemented to make the user's experience better and the website more successful such as SEO, user-friendly interfaces, useful content and more, but there's another aspect that you should be focusing on. With more and more people using their smartphones and tablets to browse the web, it's incredibly important to ensure that your website is easy to use with…Continue Reading→

The Differences between Shared and Dedicated Hosting Services

differences-between-shared-dedicated-hostingThere are some important differences between shared and dedicated hosting services. When you are considering hosting or considering hosting service, it is important to have a clear understanding of the differences between these two services so that you can make an informed decision regarding which service is going to be best for you. Continue Reading→

Lawyer Website Tips: How to Make Strides Towards a Larger Client Base

The legal market all over the world today is teeming with law firms that are headed by talented legal attorneys. Such a competitive market as this calls for innovative techniques to help firms stay on top of the game. This can typically be achieved through various tools such as search engine optimization, paid advertising tools which sometimes turn out to be expensive and not to mention ineffective in…Continue Reading→

Modern Colorful Logo Designs

Colors is not as appreciated as it used to be nowadays. In today design world, the lesser colors and grey dull designs is more trendy. Well i beg the different!! I still remember an old "CNBC" logo that is colorful and quite interesting back in the day. Do you still remember this? It proved that colorful logo can stand the trend flow even passed a few decades. see…Continue Reading→

Design Inspiration From Up North

Yes, you read it right. its from way up north!!! :) just kidding! Actually it is a design inspiration website that call FROM UP NORTH. I've posted a similar design inspiration last year that featured 356 designers around the world. Today, let's check out a new design inspiration site that features creative and unique inspiration ranging from logo, website, graphic, typography, motion, 3D, Illustration and many more. The…Continue Reading→

The Rising Trend of Transparent Ghost Buttons

Without any doubt, call to action button is an essential part of web element if you're running a business or commerce model website. In previous years, call to action button always categorize as must need STAND OUT than other web element to attract the viewers's click action. So they usually are in red, green or yellow with bright in nature. This is how call to action button suppose…Continue Reading→

Futuristic Architecture You can Only Dreamed of

[sc:chitika300 class='adsleft']Do you get the feeling that architecture in future seem overrated? I still remember when watching movies in early 90's and saw all the futuristic architecture that were built into the movie set. Take 'back to the future' for example, by the time Marty Mcfly go to the future to save his son, it is year 2015 and they already had something like hover board and flying…Continue Reading→

How to tell the different between Professional and Amateur Web Design

Web design industry nowadays are not as lucrative as it used to be. With the emerge of crowd-sourcing design company such as 99designs, many potential clients prefer look for a wider selection and within budget range for their next projects. Instead of hiring a professional web design company which might cost them thousands, they sought out to crowd sourcing design company like 99designs where you can get many…Continue Reading→

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