the-benefits-of-voip-technologyLike many other businesses today, yours might be contemplating a switch to VoIP technology. VoIP technology routes voice calls over the Internet, allowing you to bypass traditional phone systems and their associated charges. Although VoIP technology is relatively new, it’s replacing the public telephone switched network. By investigating the benefits associated with VoIP, your business might prefer to make the switch sooner rather than later so it can begin to use this technology to its advantage as many other businesses have.

 Save Money on Phone Costs

Though far from its only benefit, cost savings is definitely one of the VoIP benefits that attract businesses to its platform in the first place. When businesses move away from public switched telephone networks, long-distance phone calls become inexpensive. Instead of being processed across conventional commercial telecommunications line configurations, voice traffic travels on the Internet or over private data network lines (Source: The cost of expanding VoIP services and lines is also less expensive than traditional phone system expansion.

 Dynamic and Scalable

VoIP technology provides a range of dynamic and scalable offerings unlike a traditional phone service. Businesses have greater flexibility when they switch to VoIP. For example, it can easily add additional phone lines (again, without the great expense associated with a traditional phone system), and VoIP even allows for number mobility. Your business can employ the same number whatever the device happens to be. Consequently, if you are traveling, you can effectively take your office line with you so you are always within reach of your staff and customers.

 Rich Media Service

Rich media service is another great benefit of VoIP technology. While a legacy phone system might provide voice communication and fax service, a VoIP system allows users to make voice calls, send video messages, send instant messages, and even transfer image files. VoIP technology is also easily integrated with other technical applications for even greater access to rich media options. Other rich features associated with VoIP include selective call forwarding, personalized ring tones (to differentiate staff calls from client calls, for example), and even web page click-to-call options.

 Bypass Geographical Boundaries

When your business switches to VoIP technology, it can employ a domestic number even though it might be headquartered overseas. For instance, if you do business in the U.S. but are based in Mexico, you can employ a domestic U.S. number and pay domestic costs–not more expensive international rates. For many businesses, international calling is a major expense that can be whittled down using VoIP technology.

 Increase in Business Productivity

Finally, the increase in productivity associated with a VoIP system cannot be underestimated. Many businesses have found that their employees work more effectively when they can multitask using their VoIP system. For instance, they can talk while transmitting a document that allows both parties to connect on multiple levels at the same time. In fact, many businesses also find that it’s easier and more efficient to conduct virtual meetings using the VoIP platform too.

If your business is considering a switch to VoIP, these are the benefits to consider. Most businesses that make the switch wish they had done so earlier on. They love all the advantages this system has over legacy phone systems and all the flexibility the VoIP can offer their business and its employees.

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