web-hosting-indiaIn this era of globalization and digitization, hosting and managing your website effortlessly, irrespective of your geographical location and the hosting server’s location is well and truly possible without any hassles. You could be based in India, marketing your products to the global market, yet host the website in any preferred country like UK or US. Having said all of that, if given an option, would you not prefer hosting your website with a web host operating from your own country with locally hosted servers? The benefits associated with getting your website hosted closer to the region of target audience or where majority of your customers belong from has many benefits which are hard to overlook. In this write up, we are considering the benefits of hosting websites on Indian Web Servers, if you are an India based business with primary target market being the Indian sub-continent.

Below are few considerations that may help in making your choice of server location India easier:

If you have an offline business based in India and you are planning to get your business online targeting Indian prospects or your website is serving the most to Indian users and the users of other neighboring countries of the Indian sub-continent, it helps to host your website in India as the closer your website is to your target audience, the faster it will load for those accessing it. The quicker response time is mainly experienced due to the less distance covered between the user and the location of the server.

The closer the server is to its user base, the lower the latency in server response. This translates into faster page load times, more responsive applications and no lag which in turn boosts factors for success such as site visitors retention, conversion ratio and repeat visits. These factors are critical for sites with media content like videos or VOIP apps or for gaming.

If you choose an Indian Web Hosting company to host your website with, you can take advantage of locally based technical support and chances are you may also get the support in your preferred local language.

It is believed that Google uses website load time as one of the many factors in calculation of your website’s search engine rankings. This data is collected through your website users/visitors who have the Google toolbar installed.

Fast loading pages help in reducing bounce rate of the website, which means visitor retention for longer durations. Typically higher bounce rate of your website pages can have a negative impact on your website’s search engine rankings

From the Indian Web Hosting industry perspective, a lot of factors have contributed to the inception and growth of web hosting companies in India, some of these are :

Increasing competition and advancement of technology in India has resulted in competitive pricing and service level to be at par with what is offered in the US or UK as far as web hosting is concerned.

To grow ahead of the competition, Web hosting companies in India are not averse to ideas such as putting fewer sites on one server, employing quality staff for best customer support and spending more on quality hardware.

Client Awareness about Web Hosting 10 years ago and now has changed drastically as far as the Indian hosting scenario is concerned. This has made the Indian web hosting companies pro-active with their service offerings and most of them now boast of an exquisite product line with multiple offerings to help the customer choose from.

Some of the other key factors that are boosting the growth of hosting in India are the growing economy, huge investments being within the country into fiber optic networks, local sourcing of software and hardware, and significant improvement in literacy rate.

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