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SEO and Business


8 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2016

After much anticipation, we’ve finally welcomed the New Year. It’s a time for resolutions, company evaluations, and overall improvements. During your time of goal setting this year, take a minute to evaluate your social media marketing strategies over the last year. What things have you done well? What mistakes did…Continue Reading→

Here’s What People Don’t Tell You About Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is not something that is easy to understand. Many think that it is not at all difficult to run a successful campaign, start working and then end up not achieving success. You want to be patient and…

12 Ways to Get Up Close and Personal with Business Tweeting

Twitter is emerging as a powerful force for businesses to develop a more personal relationship with their employees, customers, and the firms with whom they do business. No longer is it just a means for finding out what folks had…

Preemptive Reputation Management – Don’t Solve a Problem but Stop it from Happening in the First Place

Take the time to type in your business’ name in Google. What do you come up with? Do you realize that these results define what your online reputation is? Reputation management is hugely important, something that a good reputation management…

Important Online Reputation Management Tactics

It is impossible to keep up with the speed at which the internet is growing. Information is flowing in all directions and it is largely unregulated. There are many examples in which individuals or companies received negative attention that they…

Major Social Media Marketing Benefits To Remember

Social media marketing stands out as a promotion strategy that you need to use in the modern world. As people are becoming more active on social platforms, promoting your brand there is a necessity. If you really want to be…

A Detailed Look at Customertimes and the Services They Offer

Customertimes is a Platinum Consulting partner with its headquarters in Manhattan, New York City. Most of its offices are based in Europe, and the company affords a wide array of services that include mobile technology, Salesforce implementation, and outsourcing…

7 Strategic Content Marketing Tips to Boost Your Online Business

These days the games have changed and when it comes to developing and retaining relationships with customers, the whole arena has gone a complete upgrade. Smart content marketers understand that they have to be quick on their feet, agile in…
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