Social media a vast networking that connect millions of people around the world. Nowadays you can easily find your friends, family, co-workers and even new acquittance in social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin etc. Just a simple push of button, you can send your updates or photos to all your connections from all around the world.


In our modern technology driven society, the use of social media slowly become a must have for your daily life but is it without the benefit of doubt that social media are beneficial for society in this 21st century? The answer is Yes and No.

The Good Side of Social Media

Stay Connected
Social media such as Facebook and Twitter can help you stay connected with your friends and family. You can even find your long lost friends from your junior high or college and get to know how their life been going.

Start-ups Growth
In marketing point of view, social media is a tool to promote or introduce a business or products to the start-ups audiences. You can’t believe how effective is a social media to the business and products compare to thousands of dollar spend on actual advertising. Its like an unstoppable spread of good karma from 0 to 10 to 100 to 1000 to millions if the business or products are great to begin with.

Latest news and updates on the palm of your hand
With social media tools, you can get the latest news and updates just from your iPhone or iPad with internet connectivity hence likely no one will bother to pickup a “newspaper” again. That maybe a good news to the environment activist, maybe there’s no more tree protest in near future 🙂

Good thing get notice but Great thing went viral
Again good karma always went viral. In recent viral phenomenon, social media maybe one of the reason PSY – Gangnam style video hits 1 billion views in YouTube.

The Evil Side of Social Media

The lazy-bone and obsession syndrome
With the easiness of using social media to stay connected with friends and family. People tend to get lazy to go out and actually met their friends and family. Sooner or later they will be affected by lazy-bone syndrome *don’t worry this is just a make-up syndrome

The obsession for attention and updates. If you spend 60% of your time in Facebook then you need to stop and rethink your priority in life.

Stalker Invitation
Using social media to share your private information and whereabouts will invite strangers and stalkers to your door step so don’t do it. There’s already many cases that involve Facebook privacy breach that cause unfortunate incidents.

Negative Viral Effect
in recent PyCon conference, one of representative of the conference gold sponsor, SendGrid, Adria Richards – a female developer from SendGrid complained about inappropriate comments made by guys at PyCon. Instead of following the PyCon conference code of conduct, she went viral with her irresponsible actions update and a picture she taken without consent on Twitter that later cause the lost of her and one of the attacked and humiliated developer’s job.

Imagine how this will turn out if there’s no social media tools such Facebook or twitter.


You might not agreed but social media did make more good impact than bad. I think its how we use or handle our-self in using social media that is important. On final note, don’t rely or obsess too much on social media tools and network, do some grunt work like the old days from time to time. Take responsibility on what you posted to community using social media and think twice if your action can lead to any demise.

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