5-ways-to-improve-your-business-with-a-cloud-phone-systemBusinesses are adopting cloud hosted PBX solutions as a new way to handle their telecommunications needs. Here are 5 ways businesses can use a modern cloud system to make their company business.

1. You won’t lose business continuity if something goes wrong

Unlike landline options, having a cloud phone system means you can basically use it anytime and anywhere. If there’s a natural or man-made disaster and you have to abruptly move your business location, you can keep up with your customers and continue to operate your business. That’s a highly valuable option in a world where everything is fast-paced and people expect to be able to reach you, no matter what else is going on at the time.

2. You don’t have to manage and maintain the system

Don’t waste your valuable time and effort managing a phone system. By having a cloud system, you can let your provider manage it for you. That frees up time and resources for other efforts, so you can focus on connecting with customers and showing them the value of your company’s product or service. It’s also one less worry you’ll have, so you can be more focused on anything you need to do.

3. You will have great mobility

Being able to move around and still handle the needs of your customers is very important. Today’s society is much more mobile than it used to be, and you want to make sure customers and potential customers know that they can reach you all the time. With the mobility features offered by cloud phone systems, you can live your life, do what you need to do, travel, and still be available for your valued customers.

4. You will have excellent reliability

If customers can’t reach you, or if you can’t get your message out them, you can really end up with a problem on your hands. Fortunately, cloud phone systems can have as much as 99.9999 percent uptime, so the odds of customers not being able to get hold of you are very slim. That’s excellent news for any company, and can make a significant difference in how customers feel about working with you.

5. You will get the best functionality

Cloud phone systems offer better functionality than the more traditional landline systems that were used in the past – and that are still used by some companies. With more functionality, you can advertise your business and what it can do in a way that will show how you’re superior to the competition. When you’re marketing yourself and what you can do, any advantage you can get is valuable, and can be leveraged to keep customers interested and coming back.

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