digital money security tipsThe 21st century has brought with it unbelievably easy and convenient ways for us to send, receive, and spend money. For example, money transfer services used to mean a lengthy wiring process and the recipient had to pick up the funds in person. Not anymore!

With Remitly, you can safely send money directly to your recipient’s bank account!” It’s instantaneous too. With express service, all you have to do is, “Enter your payment information and hit send,” and it will be there in seconds.

Unfortunately, innovations in how money changes hands makes it easier for your hard-earned money to get stolen or lost. Make sure that doesn’t happen with these clever tech devices.

Digital Wallets

If someone takes off with your purse or wallet, they likely have access to all of your financial information. Not to mention, carrying around all those credit cards is a huge hassle!

Instead, consider a digital wallet. It allows you to store all your financial information on your phone. That means a thief can’t steal your credit cards, and with phone protections, you can wipe your phone the moment it’s stolen.

A few digital wallet ideas include:

  • Gyft allows you to store and use gift cards
  • eWallet stores and encrypts sensitive account information
  • Key Ring allows you to store loyalty card information

Wallet GPS Trackers

It can be devastating if someone takes off with your wallet, but sometimes the fault is yours. That’s the case if you leave your wallet somewhere and you can’t find it.

A GPS tracker can make locating your wallet a breeze. You may discover that it’s on the floor next to your bed, safe and sound, but it can also help you find it if you’ve left it in the back of a cab or at the bar.

Virtual Private Network

Keeping physical items, like cash and credit cards, safe with tech is one thing, but hackers can easily gain access to your accounts digitally too. That’s where a virtual private network (VPN) comes in.

It goes above and beyond the passwords you use to protect your Wi-Fi network by providing you with a way to send your data through a private server. It can prevent people from gaining access to your data by tapping into your network because it hides your IP address. It’s portable, so you can use it at home or in the coffee shop.

Smart Wallets

Smart technology is everywhere. It can be in your wallet too!

Not only do smart wallets have GPS trackers, they can provide you with other benefits too. For example, some wallets monitor the slots that are used most often and send you an alert if one of them has been empty for too long!

Keeping your money safe means a lot more than hiding it under the bed like you used to. With the latest innovations in tech, you can keep your hard-earned money right where it belongs—in your pocket and in your bank account.

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