how to remove facebook tracker
Have you ever wondered that while you are secretly out on a mission, there is someone who is keeping an eagle eye on you without your knowledge? If not then it is time that you get cautious. Like every other person you might also be using the world’s most popular social networking site at the moment, the Facebook. The same site, without your consent begins to track your moves the moment you log in from your smartphone. Even if you log out, Facebook still has an access to your activities, though the app does not accept this. However, considering all this true here we are with tips to get rid of mSpy Facebook tracker.

Facebook intrudes the privacy

Irrespective of your colors, class, gender and age, when the nation of which you are a member gives you the freedom of privacy then, Facebook is none to intrude into the same. In multiple forums the intrusion of Facebook into your privacy has become an epicenter discussion. Many people are trying to get at a solution to prevent this from happening.

Tracking not limited to time

You might be thinking that Facebook’s user tracking is limited to the time on the site but this is not so. It is tracking each and every information of yours. The like button that little thing on the screen is playing a vital role in letting Facebook have an insight into your mind set. By simply liking something or watching anything over the Facebook, you are letting Facebook know things about you that it can post then post on your profile without seeking your permission.

Take steps now

1. Simply logging out

One of the solutions to get rid of this is simply logging out when not in use. Also, you should not indulge in liking things that serves you no purpose. On top of that you should avoid connecting your other accounts to the Facebook wherever possible. Facebook should make its cookies expire, if this problem is to be solved.

2. Deleting all the Facebook cookies

delete file cookies
Though logging out deauthorize the browser that you use from Facebook plus the web applications, but it does not prevent the Facebook’s cookies from letting Facebook have the information about your location and the things you do. Facebook’s tracking cookies are just altered and not deleted when you log out which implies that tracking cookies still have an access to your account number. This further implies that when you use any of the app that you have linked with your Facebook account, the Facebook gets an access to your activities. The only way to get rid of this is simply logging out and continuously deleting all the Facebook cookies from the system that you use.

3. cookies

Clean your system of the cookies each time you use the site. You can also block the Facebook services on all the third-party sites. Download the Facebook Privacy List for Adblock Plus then add it to AdBlock Plus so as to block the Facebook plugins. Facebook Disconnect for Chrome is also a great help when it comes to safe guarding your privacy.

All in all, these are certain things that you can do to keep your privacy intact.

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