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Not everyone has jumped on the digital bandwagon yet, but for those businesses who have, it’s paying off big time. Just ask any web design company, and they will tell you that they’ve been part of countless web builds for new businesses looking to take the digital age by storm.

Web design is a fascinating and intriguing field. Not only is it complex, with up-to-the-minute back-end coding and standout design being essential, but it requires designers to constantly have their finger on the pulse of “what’s hot”. This is a challenge all on its own.

As we near the pointy end of 2017, it’s time to take a look at five hot web design trends that are paving the way for 2018 to be a real cracker:

A “Mobile First” Approach to Web

When smartphones gained momentum in the modern world, it was obvious that change was on the horizon. There was a mad rush for businesses to ensure their websites were mobile-friendly. Nevertheless, even today, not all of them are. A few million smartphone owners have now turned into 2.1 billion, and mobile web browsing has overtaken desktop as the preferred form of accessing the internet. For this reason, web designers are now taking a “mobile first” approach to their work. This means that new websites are being built with mobile viewing in mind as a primary consideration, rather than as an adaptation of a desktop website. The future looks exciting…

Real Imagery for Real Business

You may have noticed it already, but there’s a trend developing with imagery use on websites. Instead of opting for those almost real stock images for businesses, people are now choosing to use authentic images. This means they are hiring professional photographers to capture their business in way that helps the customers gain an accurate and realistic view of who they are and what they do. Say goodbye to fake, plastic imagery, and hello to real people in real settings!

Video Killed the Radio Star…

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While photography will always have its place in web design, video content is now well and truly king. In fact, it’s surpassing all expectations. Video is becoming an exceptional form of marketing for both social media and websites due to its ability to use space to tell a complex story. Facebook even encourages its users to create rich stories, and uses algorithms to ensure they gain more views than text posts! In response to this growing trend, web designers are now using plenty of video footage in their builds to ensure customer engagement is at its highest.

The Typography Trend

Do you want your business to stand out from the crowd? That’s entirely achievable with effective typography. In 2018, we will see the rise of bold, bright and beautiful fonts that adapt to both scrolling and parallax designs. We’ve come a long way from Courier and Comic Sans, that’s for sure!

Dare To Be Bold?

Earlier in 2017, we saw earthy greens donning our web pages. It was the “in” thing and represented care for the environment and an eco-friendly approach. However, bright colors are now taking center stage. Why the change? Web designers are noticing how users react to intense colors, and it’s turning color psychology on its head. Users viewing a website with splashes of color are more likely to see the business as one that’s fun, inviting and trustworthy. This can often turn into a sale: the ultimate goal!

Web design is exciting, and trends are led by customer demand and measurable results. The future of digital design and development holds endless possibilities, and we can’t wait to see what’s next!

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