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There’s a reason young children start out with picture books and not novels. While they might not understand printed words, they can notice and appreciate the shapes and colors that pictures use to create meaning. It’s often the first step in analogous reasoning and, therefore, a critical part of human emotional and intellectual development. Indeed, the true value of images exceeds far past childhood, with visual cues coalescing to make art in ways that drive engagement, inspire curiosity and, ultimately, promote learning for all of us, even as we become adults. Take a look at why the right graphics are important for our businesses, as well as our babies:

Images Improve Recall

While there remains official debate regarding auditory and visual learning and which style benefits the majority of the world’s population, there is research to suggest that visual cues help strengthen both cognition and recall. Images grab and hold our attention, forcing a great many of us to remember what we see more than what we hear or read. In fact, studies show that our brains actually process visual images differently than sounds, putting what we see in long-term storage and what we hear in short-term. Thus, we need to use imaging to highlight our brand messages so that consumers remember what we do.

First Impressions Matter

graphic first impression is important
And because people remember a lot of what they see, it’s important for us as business owners to insure that what they see is good. A website with vibrant graphics not only holds peoples’ attention, it demonstrates that you care enough to put effort and intention into your messaging and marketing.

Creativity is a Competitive Advantage

In an aggressive industry, creativity can be the differentiating factor separating us from our market competitors. If quality, service and price are equal, how we use compelling images and graphics to build a creative and memorable brand could be the element that makes us stand apart from everyone else in our field.

Pictures Tell a Story

graphic tell a story
We’ve all heard the phrase: “A picture’s worth a thousand words.” It’s a common saying because it’s true: skillful use of good graphics has the power to tell a story without using words. Whether images, photos or data graphs and charts, visuals give credence to our brand messages, verifying what we represent without saying (or writing) a word. If we sell private transportation services to up and coming millennials, we must make sure that our website and advertising materials accurately reflect the consumers we aim to serve and the values we want to represent. A lot of the time what consumers see matters way more than what they hear or read.

What This All Means

Businesses that have learned how to do market research undoubtedly understand the value of consistent and professional branding that’s both creative and meaningful. And they no doubt understand that good imaging is part of good messaging. All of us benefit when we allow pictures to reveal content, arousing our interest, as well as our minds.

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